Recapping Top Applications of AI Technology in Martech

Recapping Top Applications of AI Technology in Martech

Change or perish; that is exactly what will happen with the businesses that fail to deploy Artificial Intelligence in their operations. What started as an experiment is set to become a full-blown, ready-to-market technology. Each year, billions of dollars are pumped into AI-related projects to understand the sustainability of machine-learning algorithms and their compatibility with general intelligence. Bigger companies are either acquiring predictive analytics firms or joining hands with market competitors. This has resulted in a dynamic, yet a very contracted AI domain within martech landscape.

At MarTech Series, we have run close to 50 interviews, and every CMO and CEO has demonstrated an optimistic and philosophical approach towards AI adoption by 2020.

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According to a report from Narrative Science based on the survey done by the National Business Research Institute (NBRI), “38% of enterprises are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in 2016 and 62% will use AI technologies by 2018.” Till 2015, Big Data was the most talked about technology. Now, it’s all about Artificial Intelligence and virtual assistance. Businesses beyond the year 2017 will see a seamless integration of technology with wisdom.

The relevance of AI Technology in the modern digital landscape can be evaluated by learning about its most contemporary applications. Here are 5 applications exclusive to Marketing and Sales campaigns.

Boost Customized Search

The first point of engagement is always about keeping the visitor interested. Marketing and sales campaigns curate the most relevant campaigns on websites, social media, search engines and display advertisements. It is all based on the requirements of the prospect.

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Amplify Website Design

90% of the customers invariably visit the official website before making a choice. AI-driven websites are designed using intelligent cursor motion management, content display, color palette modification and typography choice. Based on ease of reading and device use, the automated website design renders a flawless user-interface for highest retention.

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Drive Cross-Device Engagement

No matter what device the customer is using—tablet, smartphone, desktop or even IoT gadgets, AI algorithms seamlessly extract data and provide the best model of engagement to interact with the customer. Segmenting of customers, display coupons, and ads, and personalized emails are part of this cross-device engagement based on AI.

Earn 100% ROI From Accurate Purchase Prediction

Anticipating the needs of the consumer is the crux of any business. With AI technology, marketing and sales campaigns can be personalized for each prospect based on predictive analysis. A refined purchase prediction based on automated sales and marketing picks small but significant hints from consumer behavior to drive revenues.

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Perform Unbiased Social Community Dissection

Emotions still rule the psyche of the buyer. AI in Social media and commerce is yet to make a sizeable impact on business decisions in terms of delivering tangible results. However, robot chats (chat-bot messages) and automatic tweeters have a huge influence on the social behavior. Marketing and sales campaigns can be automated by acquiring sentiment analytics based on the number of likes, reactions, shares, recommendations made and reviews done.

Apart from these applications, AI technology can also render extensive security protection, fraud detection, and risk mitigation solutions. Moreover, ad targeting campaigns based on search engine recommendations can be strategized in such a way that they have maximum outreach.

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