RevealMobile Launches Social Direct to Turn Location Data into Social Audiences

RevealMobile Launches Social Direct to Turn Location Data into Social Audiences

RevealMobile’s Social Direct beta tests reveal that its location data campaigns resulted in up to 633% cost savings on social media

Reveal Mobile, a leading innovator in monetizing location-based audience data, introduced Social Direct to enable digital marketers and sales teams easily convert their location based audience data into targeted social media campaigns.

Customers witness 131- 633% cost savings and boost ad performance dramatically on using the Social Direct data, as per Reveal Mobile beta clients. Steven Miller, VP of Digital, Digital2GO, informed, “We put Social Direct through its paces, building location-based audiences of auto buyers for major auto manufacturers. The campaigns performed so well that a single month campaign turned into a nationwide and year-long engagement for our company.”

Social Direct is Physical Equivalent of Desktop ‘Cookies’ for Mobile Advertisers

The Social Direct platform draws first-party data from Reveal Mobile’s nationwide database of 40M location-sharing mobile consumers. Then it allows targeting these unknown users via social media platforms for app user acquisition campaigns and retargeting. Advertising to location-based audiences via social media, results in an increase in click-through rate by 151% to 477%, according to Reveal Mobile.

Matthew Davis, VP of Marketing, Reveal Mobile, said, “Social Direct is what digital marketing agencies have been waiting for. As the world’s largest source of 1st-party beacon location data, we can provide the physical equivalent of desktop ‘cookies’ for mobile advertisers for the first time.” Reveal Mobile processes over 20 million beacon events per day.


Social Direct Platform
Social Direct Platform

Finely Target Customers by Choosing Demographic Categories

With Social Direct, advertisers can select from a broad range of location categories to search mobile audiences across the U.S, may it be nationally or locally at the city level. Furthermore, it provides GeoFencing for advertisers seeking mobile device users that live or work within a 1-, 2- or 5-miles radius of a specific location.  It also allows to finely targeting customers by choosing demographic categories such as income and marital status, thereby saving campaign costs.

For instance, Social Direct enables advertisers to find the audiences who have visited their own locations, competing locations, or who match broad, interest-based categories such as “Pizza Lovers.”  One simple user interface allows marketers to easily build, define, and refine an audience.

Advertisers can then easily export and upload to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google AdWords or any ad network, as a custom audience, then build your campaigns. Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile asserted that Social Direct is the first solution that turns mobile audiences into social audiences, enabling advertisers to reach social media users based on previous, real-world location history.

Reveal Mobile has raised $2M since its inception in 2014. The Mobile audience platform for app publishers, developers, and media companies offers location-based audience databases, derived from GPS, Bluetooth beacons, and WiFi. Among its customers are The Weather Company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Photofy, and Graham Media.

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