Topix Unveils TBID: Dynamic Bidder to Maximize Ad Viewability


Topix, an audience discovery engine for connecting digital audiences to premium high engagement content, announced the deployment of the Topix Bidder (TBID) which optimizes programmatic bidding of advertising and improves the experience for both end users and advertisers. TBID maximizes viewability by detecting which ads are viewable in a session, and only re-bidding those, which also minimizes the amount of ad calls required between advertisers, exchanges and publishers, improving yield and decreasing server latency by up to 50%. Through a nearly 80% reduction in wasted bid requests and a doubling of CPM prices, TBID results in quicker page loading times and dramatically less advertising data being loaded onto users’ devices.

“As programmatic advertising continues to evolve and become more complex for all parties involved,  the need for advanced tools that facilitate better viewability and a more streamlined bidding process has never been greater. TBID is an example of leveraging programmatic for the greater good of end-users, and Index is proud to serve as one of Topix’s strategic partners in this endeavor,” said Gabriel DeWitt, VP Product and Tech Operations at Index Exchange.

In a world where more and more inventory is available through programmatic advertising, eMarketer1 is estimating that 84% of all digital ad buys will be conducted programmatically by the end of the year.  Given this exponential growth, advertisers now face the challenge to efficiently bid and deploy new ad impressions with every page reload in real-time while ensuring that premium ad units are available when programmatic advertisers need them most. TBID solves these challenges by bringing a more efficient process to the system, cutting down the number of bidding requests by eliminating non-viewable inventory from the bidding process and giving ad servers more time to complete ad requests. This dramatically increases the viewability of the ads which are served and the percentage of returned bids which are served during a session all while minimizing the number of unused bids.

Chris Tolles, CEO at Topix
Chris Tolles, CEO at Topix

“Topix’s Bidder is a major win for the advertising networks we work with as well as for the people who are coming to Topix for their entertainment and lifestyle content. And with TBID, we are seeing higher viewability for advertisers and better utilization of bids during the auction process which minimizes server calls and bandwidth expenditures. The viewer experiences faster page load times as well as less data usage from ads that never end up getting served, which matters especially on mobile. As a tech company that specializes in connecting readers with entertaining and engaging content and advertisers with valuable audiences, our development team is committed to improving the user experience through a more intelligent ad serving system,” said Chris Tolles, CEO at Topix.

TBID enables advertisers to serve the best ads to users on webpages and mobile sites in real time by more intelligently choreographing the ad stream as it is loaded onto the Topix user’s session. Only ads that were visible are eligible to be refreshed with TBID, benefitting advertisers & exchanges by increasing the chances that their ads are viewed. For Topix users, the results are faster page load times with less wasted bandwidth. TBID improves site performance and viewability, ultimately resulting in higher CPM and happier users.

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