Clickback Aims to Solve Sales-Marketing Conundrum


The outbound solution from Clickback has proved to capture 98% of web visitors for companies who seek to generate leads out of visitors who don’t prefer a fill a web form. B2B lead generation software solutions from Clickback, Clickback Web, and Clickback MAIL are meant to accelerate lead growth with a seamless strategy that goes a long way in bringing sales and marketing on the same page.

According to popular beliefs, sales and marketing hardly share the same wavelength, but today’s business scenario cannot afford differences between the two functions.

Often, companies face conflicts between sales and marketing on issues including budget, pricing, targets, while lead quality remains a key bone of contention. This affects the company’s revenue. Clickback, a SaaS B2B lead generation company, noted that the success rate for today’s companies is highly dependent upon a team-oriented approach that makes cooperation between sales and marketing imperative.

Sales befriending marketing

The war over lead generation starts from the very definition of a lead. According to marketing, a lead is “anyone interested in our product”, while according to sales engaging with a lead is a waste of time unless they are absolutely interested in buying the product. This common dispute ensures that viable leads fall into a zone, where the sales reps don’t follow up with the leads on time.

In the words of Mitch Fanning, Vice President of Marketing at Clickback, “It’s crucial that there be an accord between sales and marketing regarding leads. It’s the only way that valuable leads don’t end up being wasted, and that company budget and efforts are aligned and optimized.”

Companies looking for a revenue growth of 30% or more should accelerate their lead optimization process. Lead optimization reaches its balance when inbound and outbound leads are in complete sync where the outbound designs complement the inbound activities like SEO and social media strategies.

Remove the barriers

Pricing remains another bone of contention between sales and marketing. Whereas marketing determines a product’s pricing according to its value and profitability, sales like a reduced price that acts as a buyer’s incentive. Apart from pricing, sales and marketing share their differences in the case of budget too! Marketing prefers a budget for materials, strategy and media buying that appears as a waste of money for sales who would like to spend on hiring new salespeople.

For a company that aims to achieve complete parity between profit and branding, Cooperation between sales and marketing is a must have. It is imperative to understand that both the aspects must peacefully and profitably co-exist along with their respective vital functionalities for the benefit of the business.

Companies which focus on removing the disputes between sales and marketing should work towards building a bridge between the two for well-connected communication, as well as keeping the two apart when needed. A well-defined sales-marketing relationship is about putting processes and rules in place to prevent conflicts and to promote lead growth and to use resources for the advantages of both sales and marketing.


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