DiscoverOrg’s SMB Dataset is a Boon for Marketers


The new business offering from DiscoverOrg will provide in-depth and accurate intelligence on more than 60,000 small and mid-sized companies reflecting their spending power.

DiscoverOrg announced the release of its Startup & SMB Dataset, a comprehensive set of data that is set to guide sales and marketing, who will seek to business with these firms.

Known as the world’s leading sales and marketing intelligence company, DiscoverOrg has introduced this exhaustive new dataset that has added extra value to the existing profiles. It carries extensive profile details of companies with less than 1000 employees along with the fully verified contact details of their decision makers. The dataset also provides major predictive insights on their buying behavior, spanning key departments like engineering, IT, sales, marketing, operations and HR.

Target companies who seek to do business with start-ups and SMBs could use this database which consists of 60,000 small businesses with highest spending power along with 400,000 contacts.

Henry Schuck, CEO & Co-Founder at DiscoverOrg, noted, “DiscoverOrg’s data difference is its team of 250+ researchers who constantly augment and verify the data in our platform. Unlike other vendors that provide SMB lists with thousands of irrelevant contacts, companies, and incomplete and duplicate records, the DiscoverOrg Startup & SMB dataset is as rich and accurate as our enterprise data.”

DiscoverOrg has played a crucial role in gathering and identifying relevant and useful information about small and mid-sized companies with heavy investment and spending power. It explores SMBs with huge investment capabilities and offer intelligence about their investment plans, key projects, internal spending budgets, decision makers’ moves by conducting interviews and engaging in research activities.

Nancy Nardin, Founder, and President of the leading consulting and advisory firm Smart Selling Tools says, “Sales and marketing teams that want to reach the SMB market have had a very difficult go of it. There’s been a real dearth of verified, accurate data on SMBs, quite simply because it’s harder for data companies to get. DiscoverOrg is solving for this very real pain point by bringing their best-in-class research verification model to the SMB space. You can expect the same high-quality data you get from DiscoverOrg’s broad datasets. ”

MTS caught up with Katie Bullard, Chief Growth Officer, DiscoverOrg:

Katie Bullard, DiscoverOrgMTS: Are the 250 researchers that augment the data working in-house?
Katie: Yes, all 250 work in-house.

MTS: According to Nancy Nardin, reaching the SMB market is very difficult. Why and what are the challenges?
Katie: The SMB market changes much faster and firms also tend to go out of business quickly; hence, identifying the buying triggers is harder.

MTS: How many firms and contacts do you have in the enterprise database list?
Katie: We have 1.5 million contacts in the IT enterprise database and 400,000 contacts in the SMB database.


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