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Dave Elkington
Dave Elkington CEO,

Dave Elkington, founder of AI-fueled sales acceleration software leader, was named to The SaaS Report’s list of top 50 SaaS CEOs. The SaaS Report is a key source of information and reporting on businesses in the cloud computing space.

According to the report, the listing was compiled based on the following primary factors: company growth, work culture, product technology, financial performance, and professional experience.

Elkington founded InsideSales in 2004, as an extension of his senior thesis on the organization of large quantities of information. The result is a world-renown software company focusing on developing cloud-based solutions for business-to-business sales organizations seeking to boost revenue through sales cycle acceleration.

Elkington primarily attributes the success of InsideSales products to Neuralytics, the statistical models and database of over 110 billion sales interactions, which, when combined, predictively decode the sales process and provide sales reps with recommendations proven to boost revenue.

In a report published earlier this year, found that email remains the dominant form of workplace communication, followed by cell phones and text messages, while Instant Messaging (IM) is ratcheting up. Notably, cell phones outpaced landlines in every category at work which was not the case in 2014.

Texting, IM and even Facebook are now becoming mainstream channels for workplace communications because of Millennials. Their influence is having a marked impact on the work habits of their Baby Boomer and Gen X counterparts. Born between 1946 and 1964, Baby Boomers represent nearly 20% of the North American population.

They may not be popular outside of the office, but 50% of the workforce recommends leaving them a voicemail, while 48% said they were likely to respond to it. Voicemail is the 4th most utilized method of communication whose use is likely to decline as it is more popular with the older generations. Only 30% of millennial respondents receive voicemails daily compared to 55% of Baby boomers.

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