IQLECT Launches Most Cost-effective Predictive Data Platform on Cloud to Democratize Real-time Data Analysis


Data analytics startup, IQLECT has launched its software converged, SSD optimized, real-time predictive data analytics platform on cloud to help companies optimize their business using the data insights in real time. The platform comes fully loaded with various domain-specific apps (solutions) hosted on IQLECT’s app store for accelerated time to market. IQLECT aims to operate in Infrastructure, IOT and Fintech domains.

IQLECT has designed and implemented the entire software stack from ground up to address the newer challenges of data analytics where the demand for actionable real-time insights is growing rapidly. The basic premise for IOT and predictive analysis is also to be able to capture and analyze data in real time where a plethora of devices, sensors, appliances, servers, web, log files, etc. are generating a large amount of unstructured data, which carry highly useful perishable insights that could be lost if not analyzed in real time.

IQLECT simplifies the offering with converged, unified platform that can be offered on cloud as SaaS or shipped to enterprise for private deployments. Thus, allowing users to start small and grow as they need. Further with the ready to go apps, companies can start within minutes dealing with real-time insights. Whereas, most of the players in the market either use big iron appliance, which cost millions of dollars to just get started. On the other hand, one needs to stitch different software pieces, all designed for different purposes, to create a platform, which usually takes very long time to see the light of the day.

“We are very excited about this platform launch. This is a big step towards making the real-time data analytics simple and affordable for all,” says Sachin Sinha, CEO of IQLECT. IQLECT was founded by Sachin Sinha in 2015, who also designed and wrote the BangDB, one of the fastest NoSQL database, which offers some of the rich capabilities along with time series data processing in real time.

IQLECT is working with Cisco, Dell and multiple IT infrastructure providers. The SaaS launch will bring much-needed cloud promise to the real-time data analytics to reach out to customers across the world.

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