Knoema Releases its First Chatbot Yodatai

Yodatai chatbot

The AI-powered chatbot intends to build the gap between Big Data and its end users

Knoema has finally announced the release of its first ever chatbot, Yodatai. Yodatai is well integrated with Knoema’s robust and powerful corporate data including both public and industry information. Yodatai becomes the first choice as a great research tool for marketers who seek to delve into large data sets.

Consisting of over 2.5 billion time series databases, across 1000’s of topics and sources, Yodatai is capable of answering multiple questions displaying a wide range of collected information, leading to specific and better insights. Users can also get hold of answers for questions related to corporate databases.

The chatbot works with Slack, Skype, and Facebook Messenger and is currently integrated with only Amplitude. The company promises of better functionalities and capabilities in the coming years.

First digital assistant to work with public data

Vladimir Bougay, CEO of Knoema, said, “Companies can now easily get answers about the market and industry data, as Yodatai is the first digital assistant to work with public data as well as with corporate databases. Just like Google broke open the Internet, Knoema was made to break open data. We wanted to liberate data from reports and databases and incorporate it directly into the workflow of employees, whether or not they have analyst experience. Yodatai is the next logical step towards that goal; it’s a better-than-human assistant right in your favorite messaging app.”

Specific questions asked to Yodatai are linked to a Knoema web page with full and compiled information for the reader. Although, the chatbot fumbles at certain questions, experts have claimed to be working at to improve the functionalities and in removing the issues. It can also find answers to questions related to one’s company databases. Yodatai worked well during its testing and users can also leverage its fact-checking feature to check the authenticity of any information.


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