Lead-Gen Form by LinkedIn Adds More Value to Sponsored Content with Quality Data

Lead-Gen Form by LinkedIn Adds More Value to Sponsored Content with Quality Data
Lead Gen Form
Lead Gen Form

Earlier this week, LinkedIn announced the introduction of Lead-Gen Forms, a pre-filled form that taps in user data from the LinkedIn profile to make mobile conversions easier. The new lead-gen form lets LinkedIn members send their professional details with few clicks, removing the trouble of filling every detail on the form manually. Easily the most minimalist tool for B2B Commerce, LinkedIn Lead-Gen Form is a handy enhancement for content and enterprise social networking marketers to generate high-quality leads from their sponsored campaigns.

The announcement was made by Divye Khilnani, Product Manager at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions via an official blog.

LinkedIn Taps into Member Data to Ease Mobile Conversions

LinkedIn’s latest enterprise social data feature links to sponsored content running on mobile devices, enabling marketers to build qualified leads from paid campaigns. LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager picks the data that the automated form filler populates into the form, including member’s name, contact information, position, location, and workplace.

Lead Gen Form by LinkedIn
Lead Gen Form by LinkedIn via YouTube

Since 80% of member engagement with Sponsored Content happens on smartphones, LinkedIn is hunting down data with a Mobile-First strategy.

LinkedIn Takes the Lead in Quality versus Big Data Market

According to an in-house survey done by LinkedIn on its customers, 45 out of the 50 customers surveyed from the pilot saw lower cost-per-lead (CPLs) with Lead-Gen Forms compared to their standard Sponsored Content campaigns.

LinkedIn marketers are unified by the concept of building quality leads than piling up Big Data, especially when the data comes from LinkedIn’s verified professional audience.

The new solution “helps you drive even more high-quality leads from your Sponsored Content campaigns by removing the main barrier to mobile conversion: making someone complete a clunky contact form on a smartphone.”

Data will Magnify the Reach of LinkedIn Sponsored Content Campaigns

It comes as a big boost for the LinkedIn Sponsored Content Campaigns, LinkedIn’s native advertising platform. LinkedIn marketers can leverage quality data from the lead-gen forms available on the LinkedIn mobile app.

Lead Gen Forms are an important milestone in our continued efforts to help marketers drive even greater ROI from their lead gen campaigns, and they build on our introduction of native ad conversion tracking last year. With each step we take, we aim to make it simpler to build your business, measure your return, and optimize for the results that matter with LinkedIn Sponsored Content.”- Divye Khilnani, Product Manager at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

More to Come soon…

Currently, Lead-Gen Forms are available only on the smartphone app. LinkedIn could possibly expand the feature to desktops, as well as integrate the forms with third-party CRM and marketing automation partners, including Driftrock and Zapier. Apart from analytics on form-fill rate, Lead-Gen Forms will also provide the ground for building demographic reports on the number of quality leads generated from particular audience segment.

LinkedIn will also let advertisers use Lead Gen Forms on Sponsored InMail campaigns, for both mobile and desktop.


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