Localytics Rolls Out New Products For Sharing Cross-Channel Customer Data

Localytics Rolls Out New Products For Sharing Cross-Channel Customer Data

Localytics enhancements help marketers better understand how users interact with their brand across all touchpoints

Mobile engagement platform, Localytics, announced a series of enhancements to its API for easier access, exchange, and analysis of customer data across the website, email, CRM, point of sale, mobile, and other systems.

Lou-Orfanos, Localytics
Lou Orfanos, Chief Customer Officer and SVP-Product, Localytics

The new products will help businesses better understand how their users are interacting with their brand across all marketing channels allowing them to deliver a more effective Omni-channel user experience.

According to Lou Orfanos, Chief Customer Officer and SVP of Product, Localytics,” Accessing and exchanging customer data across different systems is crucial for marketers, but it’s traditionally been difficult and time-consuming to accurately match and standardize data from multiple places. Effectively aggregating data has long been a major challenge for marketers. This set of features will helps ease that burden and allow marketers focus on doing what they do best – providing great customer experiences.”

Keeps data up-to-date across multiple systems easily

Bulk Profile Exports and Bulk Profile Imports feature helps customers import and export large amounts of customer profile data collected by Localytics between systems. Bulk Profile Exports sends data to systems such as CRM, DMP or email vendors.

Customers can have their raw data automatically sent to them on their system of choice daily. If customers want to send audience lists from other systems, they can leverage the new Localytics ‘support for audience list imports’ product.

New features compliment previously launched Audience Exports

These new features also complement features launched earlier this year, including Audience Exports and Direct Access. Audience Exports enable customers to use Localytics industry-leading targeting engine to build audiences and then engage them on an email platform or ad network. Audiences are automatically sent to the other system and updated on a daily basis as users qualify and disqualify for the audience.

Direct Access helps customers access all their raw data directly from Localytics, removing the need to unnecessarily export raw data in order to run advanced queries against the data.

Plans Event Webhooks and Insights Exports’ launch this year

Later this year, Localytics will also introduce ‘Event Webhooks’ that enable customers to trigger changes in other systems in real-time using a webhook instead of the standard call and response API model.

Also scheduled for release is ‘Insights Exports’ that will programmatically export the results of a Localytics marketing campaign so the campaign’s performance data can be combined with data from other systems.


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