Movvo Unveils Data Maturity Curve to Enhance Retail Intelligence and Performance of Shopping Centers

Movvo Unveils Data Maturity Curve to Enhance Retail Intelligence and Performance of Shopping Centers


If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

And to understand and explain anything, you need data – that too organized in a structured and simplified way for you to churn value. Having instant access to large data may not be the best thing, especially when you can’t figure out its exact nature or ROI. To solve this puzzle of complex customer data points, Movvo has introduced a next-gen marketing technology resource called the — the Data Maturity Curve, for retailers and shopping centers.

Movvo, the leading Location-based Marketing and Behavioral Analytics solutions provider for retailers and shopping centers, unveiled the sophisticated retail performance analyzer as part of its SaaS platform. Movvo Data Maturity Curve will enable stores and shopping centers to understand, manage performance and engage visitors in shopping centers that witness high footfall.  It’s more about giving the physical shopping centers and retailers analytics that in the past have been the luxury of e-commerce sites. The new resource, therefore, benefits clients like including shopping centers and retailers who have physical spaces.

Movvo Data Maturity Curve is an incredibly useful resource for stores and shopping centers that are yet to benchmark their customer data points to improve ROI through enhanced engagement. Created ingeniously, Movvo Data Maturity Curve provides first-hand knowledge and experience of how shopping centers and other retail real estate formats use customer data to influence their retail performance across marketing campaigns.

Alex Petit, VP- Customer Success at Movvo
Alex Petit, VP- Customer Success, Movvo

“We understand the many challenges facing shopping centers today. By working & talking with lots of different owners and operators around the global, the Movvo team have developed insight into how centers typically tackle the challenges of integrating data and obtaining real intelligence from this data that helps them overcome challenges and improve retail performance” said Alex Petit, Chief Customer Officer at Movvo.

“Information, not data, is what the market needs. The Data Maturity Curve helps developers understand where they are on that curve, and what their next step in developing best practices could be”.

Data-driven decision making is increasingly becoming incorporated within the commercial teams’ of retail real estate owners/operators around the globe. It helps leasing teams, asset management, marketing, and operations all improve their contribution to the retail performance of a center. It delivers a continuous source of ‘at-your-fingertips’ intelligence about the behavior, profiles & preferences of your visitors. Movvo are experts in this field of delivering intelligence, consultancy and making marketing tools to understand, manage and engage visitors in high footfall spaces.

The latest addition to Movvo’s SaaS platform is part of Porto-based B2B data management firm’s product development strategy, that received a major push after the $5.5 million Series A funding in June 2016.

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