Nintex Brings Modern, Dynamic Forms to the Cloud


Nintex Forms Available Across Web and Mobile, Anywhere Enterprises Need Them

Nintex, the leader in workflow and content automation, is pleased to announce the worldwide availability of its modern, responsive and dynamic forms for today’s information worker.

Available in all implementations of the Nintex Workflow Platform, including Nintex Forms for Office 365 and Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud® and natively mobile enabled, everyone benefits from an intuitive, integrated, intelligent and fast experience to create, automate and maintain modern forms to capture critical information.

Nintex CTO Alain Gentilhomme
Alain Gentilhomme

“Nintex has been at the forefront of driving ‘modern’ digital forms that render elegantly anywhere on any device,” says Nintex CTO Alain Gentilhomme. “Nintex Forms work online and offline, leverage business rules and logic to make forms more scalable, sophisticated, and drive meaningful action on the data collected through seamless integration with our Nintex Workflow Platform.”

Nintex customers and partners have created tens of thousands of forms that have been submitted hundreds of millions of times to capture critical information including:

  • Embedded Forms in Websites: allows users to quickly and easily create and embed a dynamic, web form that can route collected data to critical systems of record like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This capability powers user experiences like citizen self-service, customer service requests and more.
  • Capturing Customer Feedback: leverage the Rules Builder to implement dynamic presentation logic into forms to guide and automatically customize the user experience.
  • Field Service Performance: enable field service agents to capture critical data while in the field using Nintex Mobile offline capabilities, complete with support for offline data submissions.

Key features of modern Nintex Forms include:

  • Drag and Drop Designer – quickly and easily create and update branded forms using clicks, not code
  • Business Rules – guide and automatically customize the forms experience based upon key business rules and logic
  • Offline Enabled – access and utilize forms offline, caching entered data until mobile devices is reconnected
  • Responsive Design – build once and deploy anywhere across any form factor ensuring a consistent user experience
  • Mobile-First – easily use native mobile capabilities such as QR and bar code scanning, attachments and geolocation

Additionally, for customers already using Nintex Workflow Cloud it is easy to experience the latest with Nintex Forms by designing and publishing workflows with Forms as the trigger.

Nintex Partner Raphael Bachmann
Raphael Bachmann

“Nintex has designed the Nintex Workflow Platform to ensure process automation initiatives focus on the needs of the business versus being driven by technical implementations and timelines,” says Nintex Partner Raphael Bachmann, Project Manager at IOZ. “Nintex Forms are a powerful capability that allow form designers to easy create new forms and enables end-users to input higher quality data thanks to its business rules functionality.”

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