One Click Retail Publishes Amazon Holiday Strategy Report for Brand Manufacturers

One Click Retail

One Click Retail, a market leader in eCommerce data measurement, sales analytics and search optimization, has just published their report aimed at brand manufacturers selling on Amazon this holiday season. Using data collected from Amazon’s top first-party sellers, the report outlines the 4 Ps of a successful holiday eCommerce plan: Products, Price, Promotions and Placement.

Holiday shopping will begin soon, and the impact for online retail is expected to be record-breaking. One Click Retail urges brands to have their holiday strategies ready no later than October 1st.

Spencer Millerberg, One Click Retail's CEO
Spencer Millerberg

“Amazon is achieving outsized growth with 16% YoY increase overall and December alone accounted for 45% of total sales. More exciting, however, is that we’re also seeing massive scale AND growth, with many top 100 manufacturers now reporting 10-30% of their total sales coming directly from Amazon. Our forecasts indicate Amazon will continue on this trajectory and remain one of the best channels for manufacturers this 2017 holiday season,” said Spencer Millerberg, One Click Retail’s CEO.

The report said,” Amazon uses complex algorithms to rank search results; just like search engine optimization (SEO) for Google, Amazon Search Ranking (ASR) is extremely important for brands. Though Amazon follows a unique set of rules to generate the best results for online shoppers, there are a few things that are universal, including the fact that no matter how complete your product detail page is, it still takes time for it to climb the ranks. For this reason, upload your seasonal products as soon as possible so they have time to fully integrate into Amazon’s search and inventory ordering system.”

Speaking about Data, the reports said,” With all of the hard work of optimizing your holiday sales through Product, Price, Promotions, and Placement, the importance of measuring the marketplace is foundational to long-term above average returns. As Peter Drucker emphasized, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” The Amazon business model is built on data-driven insights and iterations. Companies that leverage business intelligence and A/B testing will find increased long-term success in future “4 Ps” endeavors. The key is always to drive traffic to your products, and following the 4 Ps can go a long way in making that happen. Products, Price, Promotions and Placement are the key terms in setting up an effective, profitable Amazon strategy ahead of the holiday shopping season, for which brands should be ready by October 1st at the latest. Consumers are starting their browsing early for the most competitive and lucrative sales weekend of the year, and retailers need to be prepared.”

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