One-size-fits-all marketing solution needed, says State of Salesforce report

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The State of Salesforce is Bluewolf’s annual report on how the best companies use Salesforce. Based on data collected from over 1,700 Salesforce customers, the report uncovers trends and opportunities for IT, Sales, Marketing, and Service users—and what you can do to get the most out of Salesforce now.

This year, Bluewolf leveraged the power of IBM Watson to gain insight into the sentiment of leading executives at companies using Salesforce now. With Watson’s Alchemy Language and Personality Insights APIs, Bluewolf analyzed more than 10 hours of text interview transcripts with executives on the opportunities, challenges, and innovation potential with Salesforce and defined the top characteristics most commonly associated with these innovators. Choose one below to read more on our featured innovators.

All companies yearn for actionable insights within Salesforce. Integration and analytics are how to get them. The best companies are integrating clouds, processes, and back-office systems, and incorporating accessible analytics directly into their employees’ daily routines. IT professionals need to focus on specific customer and employee moments that can benefit from integration and analytics, and ensure all improvements align to business outcomes.

61% of companies will be increasing their Salesforce budgets next year—13% by more than 50%
78% of IT professionals believe their company is dedicated to making the most of its Salesforce investments

  • Companies are ready for intelligent applications. Over half of companies surveyed described their most essential applications as intelligent, able to anticipate and either take or suggest the next action. The best companies are focused on translating their overwhelming collections of data into intuitive, automated employee experiences that can power incredible customer moments.
  • User experience is more than mobile. The best companies are investing in making Salesforce easier to use by considering their users’ routines and ensuring they can do their jobs from anywhere, on any device. While Salesforce Lightning is a step in the right direction, it’s not enough to simply turn it on; companies need to continuously improve Salesforce’s ease of use to achieve a superior customer experience.
  • Imperfect data isn’t slowing innovation. Companies are realizing the benefits of continuous innovation and taking action with the data they have now. The best companies are finding ways to use data within Salesforce effectively. They are looking for new, potentially unstructured data streams to power more intelligent applications.
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