Learn What the Maker of Programmatic Direct Mail® Wants to Do After Scooping $15 Million in Series B

Learn What the Maker of Programmatic Direct Mail® Wants to Do After Scooping $15 Million in Series B
via PebblePost
via PebblePost

Funding in martech is always a welcome news, stirring optimism in the industry that has managed to catapult itself to the forefront as the “most innovative, most dynamic” ecosystem. However, how a company plans to invest its funding is always interesting, especially when you have a unique product to sell and engage customers, at a speed of light, literally! However, the maker of Programmatic Direct Mail® just wants to refine its existing stock, making them better, sleeker and more usable to penetrate into B2B markets.

Bravo, PebblePost.

The Funding Story

PebblePost, the maker of Programmatic Direct Mail® that transforms real-time online activity into personalized direct mail within 24 hours, announced on Tuesday that it has raised $15 million in Series B funding. The funding round was led by New York-based VC firm — RRE Ventures, with participation from Greycroft Partners and Tribeca Ventures. Jim Robinson, Managing Partner at RRE is joining PebblePost’s Board of Directors.

PebblePost intends to use the funding to expand the reach of its new marketing technology solution beyond retail and e-commerce, taking it to B2B markets where marketers fail to leverage their investments and convert audiences. It also plans to launch more channel partnerships via email service providers, e-commerce engines, and CRM platforms, deepening the value it provides to clients and investors.

The CEO Speaks

BTW, he goes by the Alias- Chief Stamp Licker

“We are thrilled by the reception to Programmatic Direct Mail®,” said Lewis Gersh, PebblePost CEO (Chief Stamp Licker!)

“Our solution combines the best of both worlds — digital’s real-time interest and intent data and direct mail’s physical media into home. The raise will accelerate our infrastructure build-out to better serve our customers, and enhance our product offerings as we help digital marketers turn their data assets into real results.”

Gersh adds, “We are also delighted to welcome Jim to our board of directors and are proud to be included in RRE Venture’s impressive portfolio of category-defining companies. RRE Ventures has championed innovative companies in their growth toward market disruption and dominance for more than 20 years.”

PebblePost has raised $24 million so far from five rounds of funding, including $6.5 million Series A funding in May 2016. In an interview blog posted on their website, PebblePost CEO described why this raise is so important for a start-up. The popularity of Programmatic Direct Mail® combined with the latest funding takes away much of the “growing pains” that most newbies have to deal with.

Insights on Future

On plans for the future, CEO Lewis Gersh lays out the vision for PebblePost expanding into new marketing technology avenues, saying –

“If you have something that’s working, the last thing you want to do is take a risk trying things that might not work. So, with us, we’re focused on these incredible results we’re getting for our brands and doing better for them. Nothing else. Just this new marketing channel — the first new channel since search and social, as our brands refer to it.”

via PebblePost
via PebblePost

PebblePost’s “programmatic direct mail” platform allows you to tell a truly personalized brand story, dynamically rendering catalogs and customized editorial content, targeted merchandise and much more. Marketers can instantly send customized direct mails to targeted customers based on their online behavior, engaging them with loyalty rewards, promo codes, and discounts.

The unique aspect of using this programmatic mail platform for the B2B market is its capabilities in fighting against the menace of frauds, malvertising, bot engagements, ad blockers, disruptive UX, and privacy issues.

In 2017, the year most martech experts believe as the year of “Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Mobile-First” commerce, the new programmatic mail platform by PebblePost could well break into the winning combination that CMOs would love to invest in. By spending less time on segmenting their customer profiles for email marketing, marketers can focus on creating epic content within hours of engagement.

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