PlaceIQ and IRI Launch Expanded Partnership to Augment IRI’s Retail Big Data Cloud Offering

Combination of In-store Purchase Data and More than 20 Unique Data Assets with Location-based Insights Empowers IRI Brand and Agency Clients with a Holistic View of the Customer Journey

PlaceIQ, the company building a new model of consumer behavior with location data and insights, and IRI®, the global leader in innovative insights, audience and measurement solutions and services for consumer, retail, media and over-the-counter healthcare companies, announced an expanded alliance that will further empower marketers and advertisers with the ability to increase the precision and return on their personalized 1:1 marketing campaigns to drive increased shopper engagement and growth. The alliance provides IRI customers an expanded and more holistic real-world view of customer interaction with their local markets — and the retail and CPG brands within them — as buyers move down the path to purchase.

PlaceIQ’s location-based insights will be seamlessly integrated into the new IRI Personalization Suite to provide advanced market-level insights into the customer journey based on location data. PlaceIQ’s robust data set will now augment the industry-leading consumer, purchase data and media exposure data offered by IRI and its expansive partner ecosystem to offer marketers exciting new solutions through customer segmentation and predictive analytics on the IRI Liquid Data® platform.

Duncan McCall, CEO and co-founder at PlaceIQ, said,”IRI has a rich history of delivering the highest-quality data and insight, advanced analytics and superior technology platforms for marketers. Their achievements and innovations are made possible by their passion for enabling marketers’ success. As such, we are pleased to place our data, for the first time, at the fingertips of the world’s largest marketers to enhance their understanding of customers and apply insights to solve a constantly evolving list of marketing challenges.”

IRI and PlaceIQ’s newly integrated data sets will now offer brands the ability to build and validate new customer persona models, optimize media spend, analyze key metrics related to consumer brand affinity and loyalty, and understand ongoing market-to-market trends that impact sales performance. This unique view gives marketers the versatility to curate and apply insights across a wide range of strategic marketing decisions, such as planning, creative and activation, as well as gauging campaign performance in driving customers into stores.

In addition, marketers can now leverage IRI and PlaceIQ to drive innovation outside the media realm and across their entire organizations. For example, with purchase and location data, brands can make decisions about how to best optimize their supply chain to meet customer demand or identify ideal markets for retail expansion.

“Our expanded alliance with PlaceIQ underscores IRI’s innovator leadership position in the media and consumer arenas by providing meaningful insights that will drive growth and success for our clients,” said Andrew Appel, President, and CEO for IRI. “We have long believed that location data is a gateway for pushing marketing innovation forward, which made PlaceIQ a natural fit for a partner when our initial relationship began in 2015. Our integrated data will enable brands to make more informed decisions at every level of their business.”

The expanded alliance follows a year of significant joint success in helping retail and CPG transform marketing through media- and measurement-related use of IRI and PlaceIQ data. Both companies had previously announced an initial partnership, focused on PlaceIQ’s use of IRI data for delivering advanced insights to PlaceIQ’s own customer portfolio.

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