Radial Reveals New Solutions to Make eCommerce Profitable Again

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Radial, the leader in omnichannel commerce technology and operations, announced Radial Edge, a suite of solutions born from decades of experience with leading brands and retailers, and built to give these customers valuable differentiation and the ability to scale in today’s difficult retail economy.

For more than two decades, Radial’s Core stack of technologies and turnkey operational services have enabled hundreds of brands and retailers with a way to conduct a profitable, Amazon-like customer experience. With a single contract, brands and retailers partner with Radial to gain 30 years of operational experience and over $1B in technical investment, all focused on helping these companies meet today’s customer expectations on cost, inventory availability, and shipping.

Where Radial Core gave retailers and brands a post-click eCommerce solution, Radial Edge enables them to avoid point solutions and, instead, build a world-class strategy with the right tools that drive profitability. Radial’s solutions are designed in conjunction with leading retailers, and today’s Edge products and services will have the most impact on increasing revenues and sales efficiencies for brands of all sizes.

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Brian Seewald

“DSW’s mission is to inspire self-expression. Being a great brand goes far beyond the webstore or checkout process. Radial offers a full, pre-integrated technology stack that takes the guesswork out of perfecting the eCommerce experience, while enabling us to exceed our customer expectations through any channel of engagement,” said Brian Seewald, vice president, digital for DSW.

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Stefan Weitz

“Radial Edge represents a sea change in the disconnected and competitive world of eCommerce. Radial Core takes the guesswork and risks out of implementing eCommerce delivery and operations solutions, and Radial Edge delivers on ways to gain profitable growth and additional differentiation. Retailers can stop listening to all of the noise about minor technology advancements that won’t actually make a difference,” said Stefan Weitz, executive vice president, technology services for Radial.

More than 200 retailers are already on Radial Core, which provides intelligent order management, fulfillment and logistics, global payments and fraud solutions, and customer care capabilities at a global scale, and represents the gold standard for profitable eCommerce operations.

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