Radius Set to Revolutionize B2B Data Commerce With an Unlimited Access to The Network of Record

“You can use all the quantitative data you can get, but you still have to distrust it and use your own intelligence and judgment.” – Alvin Toffler

Marketers in 2017 no longer need to put their brains into deciding which data works and what doesn’t. Radius, the leading B2B data intelligence company, announced unlimited, unhindered access to The Network of RecordTM. This allows Radius customers to manage and run all of their marketing and sales efforts with quality data. Available to all customers of the Radius Revenue Platform, The Network of Record marks the seamless amalgamation of data and intelligence to drive an increased revenue performance across B2B applications and channels.

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With this new announcement, Radius clients would no longer be charged for data based on their needs. Moving forward, every full subscription to the Radius Revenue Platform will include unlimited access to The Network of Record at no additional charge. Finally, B2B companies can start attributing their success to intelligence than just data.

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Counting the benefits that B2B marketers will gain from using The Network of RecordTM, Radius CEO Darian Shirazi says—

“The previous generation of the Cloud brought us multi-tenancy, secure remote access, and reduced IT costs and cycle times. With the next generation of the Cloud, companies can now benefit from network-effect driven data to drive high-performance intelligence. By securely linking all B2B Cloud applications and deriving intelligence from the underlying data to benefit every customer, Radius is at the forefront of Cloud 2.0.”

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Radius customers can connect to the Radius Revenue Platform, powered by The Network of Record, infused with the features of traditional CRM and Marketing applications. This provides every customer an unlimited access to B2B data and intelligence. The Network of RecordTM securely syncs to customer instances every 30 minutes, matching over 525,000 records per hour which are aggregated and anonymized from hundreds of companies’ CRM and marketing applications. The unlimited access to data comes at “zero” fees!

Despite digitization of the world, businesses are yet to fully capitalize on the data that comes their way from billions of touch points. The challenge in acquiring and maintaining quality customer and prospect data remains the biggest hurdle in the B2B ecosystem, putting immense pressure on scalability and agility of the existing processes. It is now set in stone that the only way to address foundational data quality issues and enable repeatable revenue growth is by providing deep integrations across data, intelligence, and applications.

Features of The Network of Record

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  • Customer Network

Radius connects hundreds of companies’ B2B applications that contribute over 1 billion anonymized business interactions. These anonymized business interactions are then matched and aggregated to validate and expand the richness, accuracy, and breadth of The Network of Record.

  • Business Graph

The Business Graph includes rich, foundational data on over 18 million businesses and 37 million contacts – 20 million of whom are decision makers. Each business contains over 100 attributes on average.

  • Always-On Data

Contributions to The Network of Record scaled 37 percent in connected records and increased 41 percent in contact coverage in the past six months alone.

  • Business-to-Consumer Profile Matching

Businesses can activate B2C channels for their B2B campaigns. The Network of Record identifies contact attributes between business decision makers and their personal profiles, enabling marketers to execute B2B2C campaigns with an audience reach five times greater than the industry average.

  • Unmatched Data Quality and Coverage

90% accuracy on core business attributes (Source –Datapure and Hybrid), and over 90% of the businesses contactable through multiple channels.

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The Network of Record Attributes

In addition to unparalleled access to account and contact data, Radius users will also have the opportunity to build their customer engagement based on rich set of attributes and signals. The Network of Record delivers 1000+ attributes for accurate customer identification and segmentation based on various factors.

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