RAM’s Mobile Tracking Solution Helps Coniq Manage its Asset Base

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Coniq, a specialist in customer engagement for shopping centers, retail businesses and within the hospitality sector, has selected Real Asset Management mobile asset tracking solution to establish enhanced control over its equipment whilst improving the management of all of the company’s assets. It will use the software to store crucial information, including cost details, current location, and status of all items.

The company was founded by Ben Chesser in 2011 and has continued to expand. It began by launching a platform aimed at simplifying and measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities. Coniq aims to help businesses achieve higher brand awareness and increase the traffic and time spent on customer websites. It is a world leader in issuing secure vouchers, mainly via email and mobile devices.

Coniq will use RAM’s asset tracking software to establish greater control over its asset base, including devices that are leased to its customers. It will utilize the issue and return functionality to keep a complete record of where each piece of equipment has been and where it is.

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Tomas Kamensky

Tomas Kamensky, Project Coordinator at Coniq comments, “We are always looking to monitor items more efficiently and the tracking app will enable us to do so. The system ensures that all relevant details are available, such as costs, disposal lists and location summaries. This will reduce greatly the amount of time it takes for us to compile reports.”

“We will use the mobile app to complete all routine asset tracking tasks, as well as physical auditing exercises. The issue, return and reservation functionality is incredibly helpful as it ensures that the ownership status of equipment is always up to date. This will reduce the risk of us losing items as we can log in to the system and see which member of staff, or customer, was using it last,” Kamensky continues.

Kamensky concludes, “We were looking mainly to track handheld scanners that we lease to clients using our SaaS solution and the team at RAM has been very responsive in helping us meet this objective.”

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