SiriusDecisions Details B-to-B Leaders’ Priorities in New Global Study on CMO Growth Objectives

Sirius Decisions

Reaching New Buyers And Enhancing The Customer Experience Are Top-Of-Mind For Marketing Leaders In SiriusDecisions’ 2017 Global CMO Study, As Organizations Increasingly Expect Quantifiable Outcomes To Bolster Bottom Lines

SiriusDecisions, the leading global business-to-business (B2B) research and advisory firm, today unveiled the findings from its 2017 Global CMO Study. The study reveals that b-to-b marketing leaders are increasingly focused on attracting new buyers, with the need to address changing buyer behavior and enhance the customer experience serving as top priorities influencing their marketing strategy.

“Rather than focusing on building out products and offerings, organizations are increasingly differentiating themselves through the customer experience, to not only boost engagement with prospects and customers, but to increase retention and brand loyalty”

SiriusDecisions’ Global CMO Study is conducted annually to explore how b-to-b marketing leaders are adapting their marketing strategy to support their organization’s growth objectives. It examines the issues and trends that are having the greatest influence on B-to-B marketing strategies over the next two years and the adjustments that marketing leaders plan to make in that span to support corporate growth objectives.

Nearly 300 marketing leaders around the world, representing B-to-B organizations in a variety of industries, regions and revenue bands, participated in this year’s study. Key findings include the following:

  • When asked to rank their top five growth strategies (New Markets, New Buyers, New Offerings, Productivity and Acquisition) in terms of importance to their organization over the next two years, marketing leaders ranked attracting new buyers as the most important growth strategy. This indicates a shift from the findings of the 2016 Global CMO Study, which found new markets to be the top strategy for growth.
  • Enhancing the customer experience is the top priority influencing marketing strategy over the next two years, representing an increase of 18 percent from the 2016 study. The two biggest challenges CMOs cited with enhancing the customer experience are organizational readiness and insufficient data.
  • While 79 percent of b-to-b marketing leaders indicated that their organizations offer marketing enablement (skills training/professional development), the vast majority of them do not have a dedicated, formal structure in place to handle marketing enablement.
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