Tealium Integrates Data with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft


New Integrations Enable Tealium Customers to Streamline Customer Data in real-time and analyze actionable insights.

Tealium announced new data integration capabilities at its Digital Velocity conference in London. The event, which was attended by leading experts from Santander, Vodafone, and the UK Ministry of Defence, explored the power of data in business transformation. The leader in real-time customer data solutions and enterprise tag management, Tealium, has announced that the integration will empower customers to capture front-line customer interaction data and drive the same in real time to cloud-based infrastructures.

The integration proposes a resolution for challenges faced in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms and allows companies to capture and transform data at its source. The data can also be easily streamed in real time to cloud-based platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to effectuate analysis and decision-making process. Tealium’s solution will integrate with Google Cloud through Pub/Sub, Amazon Web Services via Kinesis and SQS, and Microsoft Azure through Stream Analytics.

Enterprises can benefit from Tealium integrations. They can seamlessly collect, transfer and distribute the ever-increasing customer data spanning numerous experience touchpoints like web, mobile, call center, physical store, IoT devices and offline data sources. It streamlines the process in which big data is used to enhance customer experience. It also improves the strategic value of IaaS platforms by improving the data analysis and activation process while consuming fewer resources.

Mike Anderson, founder, and CTO, Tealium

Mike Anderson, founder, and CTO, Tealium, said, “For organizations to implement big data strategies, it is essential to deliver a complete data set to IaaS platforms. But these platforms are unable to collect data from front-line user devices in a timely manner, which can limit the value of these strategies. Organizations need choice and flexibility when it comes to which providers they use for their data-driven strategies. Tealium’s integration with all three major providers underscores our commitment to vendor neutrality.”

The Universal Data Hub, which is a part of Tealium’s ecosystem of over 1,000 turnkey integrations, assists all key content management platforms apart from mobile and IoT devices, such as iOS, Roku, Android, and Windows.

Organizations using Tealium’s varied and easy-to-deploy installation libraries can integrate digital properties and streamline data solutions without using custom code.


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