VigLink Survey Finds Affiliate Marketing Ahead of Display Advertising in Revenue Generation

VigLink State of Affiliate Marketing Survey

VigLink State of Affiliate Marketing Survey Showcases Increased Usage for Publishers and Merchants

VigLink, a leading platform for monetizing content-driven commerce, released the findings of its state of affiliate marketing survey. In order to get a better understanding of current industry sentiment and future usage expectations, VigLink surveyed 500 publishers and 100 merchants that currently use an affiliate marketing program. The results showcase how well affiliate services have been performing, and how publishers and merchants plan to increase their usage and spending over the next few years.

In a digital content landscape where ad blockers have become prolific, publishers ranked affiliate marketing ahead of former online revenue heavyweight champ, display advertising, in revenue generation abilities. This goes to show that marketers should be paying attention to the affiliate marketing tools that have played second fiddle to display options over the last decade.

One reason publishers’ expectations of affiliate revenue is not being met could be due, in part, to declining pageviews. Time spent online has shifted from publishers’ sites to social media. Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, and Snapchat Discover are all channels that were once sources of traffic back to publishers sites and are now one-stop reading portals for consumers. Declining pageviews are a key reason revenue expectations aren’t being met by affiliate marketing, but publishers still plan to use it in the future.

Digital Marketing Strategies Ranked by Revenue Generated, on Average Across Publishers:

1. Google AdSense
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Display Advertising
4. Brand Partnerships/Sponsorships
5. Paid Product Reviews
6. Other Native Advertising

77% of publishers acknowledged that revenue generated from affiliate marketing programs from 2015 to 2016 increased or stayed consistent. Furthermore, a third of publishers reported that revenue generated from affiliate marketing met their expectations. However, 73% of merchants (more than double the publishers) reported that revenue generated from using affiliate marketing programs met their expectations. 86% of publishers expect their affiliate marketing revenue to increase or stay consistent in the future, and a staggering 91% of merchants plan to increase or keep their affiliate marketing budgets the same in the future.

Oliver Roup, Founder and CEO of VigLink
Oliver Roup, Founder and CEO of VigLink

“With ad-blockers on the rise and e-commerce shifting to mobile we’ll continue to see a fundamental change in how content is rendered, delivered, tracked, and monetized – thus leading to further utilization of affiliate marketing,” said Oliver Roup, Founder and CEO of VigLink.


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