Bangalore-based Startup Launches leanGears, an end-to-end Product Management Software

With The Launch Of the leangears Platform, The Company Aims To Empower Product Owners And Product Managers With The Visibility To Make More Informed Decisions, Strategize And Create Products 

Equipped with both strategic and tactical tools, leanGears aims to be a product manager’s thinking tool throughout the product life cycle. It comes with strategic features like Visual Elevator Pitch, Lean Canvas, Impact Mapping, Experiment Canvas and collaboration tools like User Story Mapping, Release Planning, and Storyboards.

“Our goal is to equip people with an end-to-end product management platform for evangelizing products, right from the time they get an idea through product discovery, development and market launch,” says Satisha Venkataramaiah, Product Owner at

leanGears is working on additional features like Competitor Analysis, Users Voting Features, Opportunity Scoring and Business Value Estimation. leanGears can be used to not only manage the complex requirements of software development but also for active collaboration with all stakeholders.

Addressing the challenges of building a product, Satisha said, “The biggest pain point in product development is staying focused on problem/solution fit. Many a time, product managers come up with an idea and spend too much time building products rather than validating the idea first. Another challenge is collaborating with various stakeholders involved in building a product end-to-end like users, buyers, sponsors, and development team. We have designed leanGears in such a way that the product owners can not only simulate their ideas, but also easily collaborate with all the stakeholders on a single platform to gain insights, making it easy to strategize and manage complexities.”

Built to be used by everyone involved in building a great product, from users to developers, leanGears makes it easy to manage product features effectively and reduce time to market for products. leanGears is also one of the startups, selected to attend the RISE 2017 tech conference in Hong Kong. The team will be demonstrating how the platform works at booth B125 in Beta exhibition area of the event on July 11, 2017.

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