Clicktale Builds Visual Editor into Adobe’s Launch for Connected Customer Experiences


Clicktale Builds Its Unique Visual Editor Into The Platform To Enhance Customers’ Experience Of Launch By Adobe

Within hours of Adobe’s Launch coming to full force, leading enterprise experience analytics platform Clicktale has announced that it is collaborating with Adobe. Clicktale is offering a unique integration of its Visual Editor into Adobe Cloud Platform Launch.


Clicktale’s sophisticated integration with Launch by Adobe enhances the mapping of data elements by integrating Visual Editor into the platform. Visual Editor is Clicktale’s code-free environment to set up events within the Clicktale Experience Cloud. By incorporating Visual Editor into Launch by Adobe, digital marketers can achieve advanced mapping via a familiar and intuitive interface. Clicktale customers will not only have an easy transition as they leverage Launch by Adobe to set Clicktale events, but also benefit from another avenue to digital experience insights from their Clicktale data.


Aaron Watson
Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson, VP Worldwide Business Development, from Clicktale, said, “In the last few years DTM has become an essential part of the MarTech ecosystem and Launch by Adobe takes this to the next level. The value here goes beyond accelerating time-to-deployment. Clicktale’s sophisticated Launch by Adobe integration provides Clicktale customers and partners with another powerful and convenient method to leverage Clicktale’s unique data and insights to better quantify digital experiences and their resulting business impact.”

Promoted as the next-gen tag management tool for unified data and connected customer experiences, Adobe Cloud Platform Launch will allow online businesses to consolidate and manage tags to make marketing activities more efficient, reduce cost and improve website performance.

Jon Viray
Jon Viray

Jon Viray, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe, said, “Clicktale’s unique technology visualizes the customer journey, helping marketers better improve digital experiences for their customers,” said By working with a key technology providers such as Clicktale, we can ensure our customers benefit from the most robust toolset to date.”

Described as the ‘app store’ for website tools, Launch by Adobe is designed to be an open, scalable and highly customizable solution for managing the tags that collect key information related to digital interactions and enable key functionalities like live chat, surveys and advertising. Launch by Adobe reduces the friction between IT and marketing teams by allowing anyone to build and integrate tags on a website reducing deployment time from a few months to only an hour.

Currently, Clicktale taps into the wisdom and behavior of millions of visitors so that businesses can deliver the best digital experiences to drive amazing business results. Complex behavioral patterns are synthesized based on millisecond-level actions such as hovers and scrolls, enabling businesses to interpret their customers’ digital body language and understand intent. The pioneer in Experience Analytics, Clicktale marries cognitive computing, machine learning and psychological research to automatically surface issues and answer questions that keep executives up at night.

As part of Clicktale and Adobe’s ongoing collaboration, Launch by Adobe also incorporates a feature that will allow customers and partners to access Clicktale’s unique insights from within a data layer inside Launch by Adobe. This provides a convenient and powerful mechanism to augment complementary applications, such as marketing automation, voice of customer or any other system benefiting from browser data collection, with Clicktale data and insights.

With unique behavioral data, clear visualizations, and world-class customer experience expertise, Clicktale is driving the ‘Experience Era’ at the world’s leading brands. Clicktale’s global customer base includes Walmart, Microsoft, Adobe, MetLife, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Avis.

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