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For the past quarter century, conventional wisdom within the automotive industry has been that selling to an existing customer is eight times less expensive than successfully attracting a new one. Despite this fact, auto dealers continue to spend, on average, 22 percent of their advertising and marketing budget on driving new or used vehicle buyers into their showrooms.

Studies indicate the cost per sale for dealers, owning an average of 6 rooftops, varies between $306 – $507 for each new vehicle sold; recent innovations, such as ride sharing and automatous vehicles, add to the complexities of the modern auto industry.  Little wonder then that, now more than ever, dealers strive to take control of their brand and customer relationships.

For over 32 years, ChannelNet–the inventor of OneClick Loyalty—has remained at the forefront of assisting the auto industry with state-of-the-art digital technologies. The company’s list of innovative, successful digital products include the world’s first digital marketing campaigns, dealer website program, as well as other unique customer retention programs.

Based on industry-leading customer experience algorithms, OneClick Loyalty is designed to communicate to customers with relevant content, tools and information at just the right frequency required to generate results. OneClick Loyalty establishes close ties between the dealer and customer, commencing with the ceremonial photo of the happy customer taking delivery of their new vehicle.  It is the point of highest emotional engagement, and OneClick Loyalty is designed to take full advantage of the moment; the main objective of the in-showroom step is to ensure the customer shares their purchase with friends and relatives on Facebook and other social media.

The OneClick Loyalty digital platform consists of over 50 pre-built components including:

  • social sharing and community events,
  • referrals, service reminders and seasonal maintenance tips,
  • upsell accessories and extended service plans,
  • collection of customer intent at the end of lease or loan,
  • special offers, social reviews, mileage calculator,
  • and customer satisfaction, hobbies/interests and life event surveys

Under OneClick Loyalty, communication continues systematically over 50 distinct customer touchpoints for retail customers, and over 30 touch points for lease customers. Given our extensive industry experience understanding both the differences and kind of information each customer requires. Of critical importance is the fact that OneClick Loyalty is completely turnkey for dealers.  A content help desk also sets up the dealer, and then remains available to support any changes and updates each dealer desires.

Paula Tompkins - Image
Paula Tompkins

“Traditionally, dealership digital applications are geared for customer acquisition. What sets OneClick Loyalty apart is our ability to stay connected across the entire ownership lifecycle for each and every dealer customer,” said Paula Tompkins, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ChannelNet.

OneClick Loyalty dealer customers confirm the multiple benefits derived from the platform.

Naz Sesi - Image
Naz Sesi

“OneClick Loyalty costs a fraction of what a typical dealer spends on CRM systems, leads, websites and search engine marketing. OneClick Loyalty helped us increase service revenue, cross sell accessories and extended service plans, generate referrals and get customers back in to purchase their next vehicle,” said Naz Sesi, Vice President of Sales, Sesi Motors, in Ann Arbor, Mich.

As the only digital customer retention solution built by automotive experts for today’s automotive dealership designed to drive retention, OneClick Loyalty increases service revenue, gathers referrals, and—ultimately–converts every buyer into a customer for life.

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