Entravision Acquires DataXpand to Scale New Opportunities and Expand Reach in the Growing US Latinos Market

Entravision Acquires DataXpand to Scale New Opportunities and Expand Reach in the Growing US Latinos Market

The latest acquisition by Entravision will help the company leverage audience data and the insights that empower marketers to drive greater efficiency in their campaigns.  

DataXpand, the leading platform in Latin America, the US Hispanic market and Europe for segmented audience management and DMP – Data Management Platform, was recently acquired by Entravision Communications Corporation, a leading US-based media company that reaches and engages the US Latinos across acculturation levels and media channels.

Entravision Expands Vision into Smart Use of Audience Data

The latest acquisition will help the company leverage audience data and the insights that empower marketers to drive greater efficiencies in their campaigns.  DataXpand is the first International Data Management Platform (DMP) & Audience Marketplace with truly global scale and reach. The Company was awarded at the prestigious FOMLA (Festival of Media LATAM) Awards for “Smart use of data” and a recipient of Portada’s Latin American Advertising and Media Award for innovation.

Marketing and Advertising Efforts will Magnify Hispanic Reach 

Entravision currently owns 56 primary TV stations and is the largest affiliate group of both the Univision and UniMás TV networks. It also owns and operates 49 primarily Spanish-language radio stations as well as the Entravision Audio Network and Entravision Solutions.

Entravision Audio Network and Entravision Solutions is a coast-to-coast national spot and network sales and marketing organization representing Entravision’s owned and operated, as well as its affiliate partner, radio stations.

According to comScore Media Metrix®, Entravision’s digital operating group, Pulpo, is the #1-ranked online advertising platform in Hispanic reach, and Pulpo’s comprehensive media offering, data, and consumer insights lead the industry.

DataXpand Adds Fire-Power to Entravision’s Audience Management 

Content and big data form the core of Entravision. By acquiring DataXpand, the media company will be able to efficiently reach and engage Latinos across markets, with the right message, at the right time, to the right person, and on the right device. Entravision identified Sebastián Yoffe and the talented DataXpand team, who are proven data specialists, to transform raw data into information.

DataXpand has amazing data sets and is a great DMP which when leveraged with our other digital properties creates one of the largest global datasets on Latinos online. 

“Since our founding five years ago we had a very clear vision to create the premier data marketing company in emerging markets and thanks to the continuous innovation of our team, and the agencies, customers, and partners who trusted us, we have achieved it,” said Sebastián Yoffe, Founder and Managing Director of DataXpand.

Esteban Lopez Blanco, Chief Strategy Officer, Corporate Development and Innovation at Entravision, said, “We are extremely excited with the addition of DataXpand and the advanced capabilities it brings to our digital platform.

About acquiring DataXpand, Blanco mentions, “This tremendous actionable data asset will help to establish DataXpand as the default destination for modern data-driven marketers.”

DataXpand will Deliver New Targeted Advertising Opportunities in LATAM

DataXpand is a pioneer in targeted advertising in Latin America.  Founded in 2012, it was the first company to introduce data-driven marketing technology and provide advanced agencies and advertisers with the ability to execute audience-based media plans in Latin America.

Yoffe adds, “We have seen tremendous growth, but it remains very early in the development of our company and the markets we serve.  As part of a U.S. public company like Entravision, we gain a tremendous partner that believes in our vision to expand globally and can help us capitalize on new opportunities in the United States.”

Premium Reach will Grow across 40 Programmatic Buying Platforms

Entravision will be positioned more efficiently in engaging US Latinos across acculturation levels and media channels, as well as consumers in Mexico with DataXpand. DataXpand platform will provide its premium reach in audiences in Latin America, Europe, and US Hispanics.

Additionally, through its partners (Publishers Premium), DataXpand will enable Entravision to segment their digital audiences based on users’ tastes and preferences, their interests and intent to acquire a product or service, as well as based on their demographic profile, age, and gender.

Today, DataXpand provides rich third part data for markets in Europe, US Hispanics, and Latin America.  It creates advanced audience clusters that include 220 million unique users connected to more than 40 programmatic buying platforms and it currently works with more than 2,000 active advertisers per month to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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