Eyeota Annual Index Report Shows Surge in Audience Data Demand Globally

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Programmatic advertising is on the rise and, with that, a growing need to boost audience planning and targeting strategies. This has never been more evident than in Eyeota’s second Annual Index Report, which highlights audience data expenditure across different regions and advertiser sectors in 2016.

According to the Annual Index, audience data demand and usage increased significantly globally, underscoring the commitment brands have to improving their campaign efforts. While advertisers across all sectors continued to increase their audience data purchases year-over-year (YoY), Finance, Electronics & Computers and Retail were the three sectors that spent the most, respectively. Notably, Internet & Telecom experienced the strongest growth, more than doubling its audience data spend in 2016. Demographic segments had the most demand, with a growing appeal for Inferred, Look-alike segments, with business-to-business (B2B) data demand following closely.

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With more than 3.5 billion unique profiles across APAC, EMEA and the Americas, Eyeota is the global leader in audience data. The Eyeota Annual Index provides a much-needed glimpse into how advertisers are using data and which audience segments work well for specific advertiser sectors. Publishers gain further insights into the most sought-after data segments and the types of advertisers purchasing them.

As brands increase their data-driven marketing strategies, audience data will continue to play a crucial role in their success. The Eyeota Annual Index Report emphasizes the importance of utilizing audience data to improve ad and content relevancy,” said Kevin Tan, CEO, Eyeota. “By highlighting audience data trends across all advertising sectors and regions, the Index provides brands and publishers with the tools they need to refine their targeting strategies.”


B2B Data Remains King in the U.S.

In the United States alone, the top three sectors that spent the most on audience data in 2016 were Electronics & Computers, Retail and CPG/FMCG, respectively, driven by peaks in data spend in Q3 and Q4, coinciding with end-of-year and seasonal events. In addition, with the U.S. elections heating up in the last half of 2016, audience data spend for political campaigns increased drastically, resulting in the fourth highest spend for the region.

Continuing the trend from 2015, the U.S. had the highest demand for B2B data segments compared to other markets, contributing 40 percent of the total demand globally for these segments. This was driven by Electronics & Computers advertisers purchasing B2B and Interest segments to target consumers and businesses to promote new products or services; Services & Industries advertisers targeting specific Company Size and Seniority segments; and Finance brands also leveraging B2B Financial Service and B2B Interest segments.

Added Tan: “We’ve seen a significant growth in B2B data over the last year—from availability to usage—as brands across various sectors look to target consumers and business professionals alike. Using B2B segments, brands can achieve more effective business targeting and reach relevant and engaged users.”

U.S. highlights include:

  • CPG/FMCG, Government Organizations & Nonprofits and Retail brands were biggest Demographic data spenders, preferring Lifestyle and Ethnic Group segments
  • Electronics & Computers, Services & Industries and Finance were the biggest spenders for B2B segments, targeting niche segments such as Seniority, Company Size, B2B Financial Service and B2B Interest
  • Seasonal segments remain popular among CPG/FMCG and Retail brands, especially for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas

Global highlights include:

  • Audience data spend for video campaigns doubled in 2016, with the highest growth in the U.S., the U.K, and Australia
  • Mobile campaign spend jumped 2.6 times as Retail and Internet & Telecom brands increased demand for Demographic, Location-based and Ethnic Group data segments
  • Certain segment themes, such as Household & Parenting, Sports & Fitness, Media & Entertainment, Finance, Travel & Leisure and Electronics & Computers, were popular across all markets and advertiser sectors


Eyeota tips 1

Prepare for Q4
Especially Electronics & Computers, Retail or CPG/FMCG brands who save large portions of their biggest budgets for end-of-year campaign pushes

Mix and Match
Mix broad & niche targeting strategies to complement both ends of the marketing funnel

Looking for exact match or high likelihood?
Try Inferred Demographic segments that give you higher scale at a lower price point


Eyeota tips 2

Top Earning Site Verticals
Survey Researchers, Booking Sites, Forums, Dating Sites and many others

Top Segments Types
Lifestyle, Healthcare, Games, Real Estate and more

Top Earning Segments
Declared Age, Gender, Household Decision Makers, Cooking Enthusiasts, Tech Enthusiasts and many others


Looking Ahead

As audience data usage continues to grow on a global level, certain advertiser sectors, data segments and regions will stand apart from the rest. CPG/FMCG, Retail, Electronics & Computers and Finance will drive audience data demand growth in 2017, with B2B, Sociodemographic Profiles, Interest and Intent segments high on the list. In addition, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan and Latin America will grow in audience data usage.

Globally, millennials will grow as a targeted demographic. Parents and families will continue to be in high demand. Enterprise decision makers and IT professionals will continue to capture significant Electronics & Computers B2B demand. Brand Affinity and Product Ownership segments will continue to carve out more budget. Inferred, modeled Demographic segments will continue to gain traction. Generally, targeting strategy of mixing broad reach segments with niche highly-specific segments will increase in popularity.

Demand for audience data on mobile and video will continue to rise as consumers increasingly turn to their mobile devices to consume media and video content; particularly, demand will grow among Automotive and Retail brands targeting these users.

Eyeota’s 2016 Annual Index Report provides deep audience data trends that empower brands to connect and engage with audiences on a personal level, while providing publishers with insights into the popularity of certain data segments and the types of brands that purchase them. By understanding how different advertiser sectors use data and which segments are successfully, brands can improve outreach strategies, enhance customer engagement and drive results.

Full report: http://bit.ly/2nWaIJw

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