Harmelin-PlaceIQ Partnership: Leverage Location Data for 1:1 Marketing

Harmelin-PlaceIQ Partnership: Leverage Location Data for 1:1 Marketing

PlaceIQ, the leading mobile audience and analytics builder, has teamed up with Harmelin Media to explore the possibilities of a new consumer behavior model for its media clients. Harmelin Media will help PlaceIQ with real-time insights and location-based data about physical and digital activities across all mobile networking channels.

Harmelin Media is one of the largest media firms in the USA. The partnership will enable PlaceIQ again consumer behavior data about Fortune 500 brands belonging to retail, hospitality, tourism, entertainment and so on.

1:1 marketing and highly-personalized advertising

Harmelin Media will leverage PlaceIQ’s location data for fuelling effective analytics, strategy and media activation for the brand clients of the agency. As a PlaceIQ partner, the media company will have exclusive access to different innovations like Place Visit Rate (PVR) and the award-winning foot-traffic measurement solution.

PlaceIQ aims to deliver seamless 1:1 marketing and highly-personalized advertising using location-based data. They have developed a set of sophisticated tools to reach the right audience at the right place, at the right time. With accurate data driving their advertising campaigns, it will be able to study the entire customer journey effectively. Its current set of clients includes providers such as comScore, Oracle Datalogix, Nielson Catalina Solutions, IRI and MasterCard among others.

location data to influence media decision process

Duncan McCall, co-founder and CEO of PlaceIQ believes that the new partnership will prompt top media firms to unlock value for their clients. It will use real-time location data to influence media decision process like deciding on target audience ausing relevant content.  It will highlight the value of cross-category affinities and the effect of campaigns accurately in driving consumers to stores.

The datasets will be layered above the location data delivered by Harmelin Media to help its new partner provide a complete picture of the customer journey. It will strengthen the marketing attribution models prompting highly relevant and effective media content.

Location data also helps identify the effect of out-of-home and TV advertising on real world visitation leveraging creative end-to-end media communication strategies. PlaceIQ-Harmelin partnership will fuel more location-based data innovations and technology platforms with seamless deployment capabilities across organizations.

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