Informatica Partners With Google Cloud to Bring Quick-Scale Marketing Analytics

Informatica Partners With Google Cloud to Bring Quick-Scale Marketing Analytics

Informatica integration with Google Cloud BigQuery via YouTube

Informatica Cloud extends partnership with Google Cloud. It will offer data integration solution for Google BigQuery. The company also announced world’s first Cloud Lake Data Management solution to support existing SQL Data Warehouse platforms.

Informatica®, the leading data integration and Cloud management company, announced about extending its partnership with Google Cloud at the recently concluded Google Cloud NEXT’17. The extended partnership with Google Cloud will enable Informatica in providing best-in-class services in areas of cloud integration, marketing analytics, and data warehouse modernization.

By partnering with Google Cloud, Informatica aims to transform the way businesses mine, use and scale data adding more power to their existing platforms with more accurate and faster insights, agility and lower costs of operation. The expanded collaboration between Informatica and Google offers unified customers easy, frictionless data migration to Google Cloud. The unified data management and cloud integration platform help in scaling up marketing efforts via “one-stop-shop” for the complete and accurate view of marketing data in Google BigQuery.

In addition to the latest partnership, Informatica also announced world’s first Cloud Lake Data Management Solution. Built on the Informatica Intelligent Data Lake®, the new cloud data lake management solution offers authoritative data from across the entire organization in their hands for more informed decision making. Informatica Cloud Data  Lake Management supports Amazon Web Services Redshift, Amazon Aurora, Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse.

Informatica’s Mission: Provide Quick-scale Enterprise Cloud Data Capabilities at Lowest Cost

“One of the great challenges for marketers today is that they are awash in data about their customers,” said Sally Jenkins, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Informatica.

via Informatica
via Informatica

“A decade ago marketing was a discipline driven by preference, experience and gut-feeling. Today, marketers are one of the most data-driven function in organizations. With Informatica, customers can pull data from the critical marketing systems, such as Marketo, Eloqua, and Salesforce, into Google BigQuery. By combining Google Cloud Platform, an extremely powerful, scalable and cost-effective big data analytics platform, with Informatica Cloud® which offers connectivity and data management, customers can expect powerful insights, recommendations and offers, which is what everyone is looking for.”

How will CMOs benefit from this martech partnership between Google Cloud and Informatica?

via Informatica

Marketing analytics is the ubiquitous requirement of every CMO, and hence investments are achieving hyper-growth attention from martech companies that focus on bringing an unadulterated real-time data. Informatica working with Google Cloud intends to help marketing professionals experience the ease of using data-driven market engine within their organizations, at the lowest cost of deployment and operation.

As Ajay Gandhi, VP Informatica Cloud Marketing puts it –

“Increasingly, CEOs and CFOs are asking CMOs for the spend accountability and show ROI on marketing spend. The simple marketing mantra is: do NOT spend money if you cannot measure it. Gone are the days of spending millions of dollars on marketing initiatives that aren’t targeted and relying on a “spray and pray” approach.”

Accelerating Marketing Analytics with Automatic Centralizing of Data

B2B marketers can put marketing data in a supercharged mode using Google Cloud, which announced the introduction of BigQuery Data Service. This will automatically centralize data from AdWords, YouTube, DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360, offering marketers a single, unhindered ‘source of truth’. Informatica Cloud will provide exclusive Google Cloud Platform Connectors to kick off BigQuery projects seamlessly.

via Informatica
via Informatica

Pointing at the expected outcomes from the collaboration, Gandhi adds, “The result enables CMOs and their team to address many of the biggest data and operational challenges in moving to a high performing data-driven marketing organization.”

Quick Seamless Integration for B2B Customers

Informatica’s data management offerings are well aligned and are expanding their support for the Google Cloud Platform, providing integration with Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL.

Google BigQuery

Informatica Cloud for cloud integration scales from proof-of-concept to petabyte-scale production systems. With the Informatica Cloud connector for Google BigQuery, Google Cloud customers can use Informatica Cloud’s native, high volume connectors to transform and load data into and out of BigQuery from cloud applications, social IoT and on-premise sources.

Google Cloud Storage

With the Informatica Cloud connector for Google Cloud Storage, Informatica Cloud can move and synchronize data of all types and volumes into and out of Google Cloud Storage for big data analytics.

Cloud SQL

Informatica Cloud support for Cloud SQL will simplify the migration of data from on-premise databases into Cloud SQL, Google’s fully managed, transactional database service.

Informatica further enhances the value for marketing organizations by combining, enriching and augmenting existing Google Marketing data with data from social, CRM and marketing automation sources.

via Informatica
Informatica Cloud integration

Informatica’s out-of-the-box connectivity to sources such as Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics quickly transforms and loads the desired data into Google BigQuery for a holistic view of the entire marketing landscape. These powerful insights allow organizations to provide next great offers to their customers based on past purchases, preferences, and behaviors on the web.

Additionally, Informatica will also support all new Google Cloud Platform products with planned availability of connectivity to Google Spanner.

As execution becomes the core ‘point of action’ in digital marketing initiatives for CMOs, Informatica’s readily applicable cloud data management and marketing data analytics platform helps businesses save time, effort and revenue with buffer for adjustments and fine tuning.

CMOs can now execute and experiment competitively with their data, unperturbed by the fear of failing.

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