Informatica Announces New Applications Customer 360 and Relate 360 to Bring Clean, Consistent and Connected Customer Insights

Informatica Announces New Applications Customer 360 and Relate 360 to Bring Clean, Consistent and Connected Customer Insights

How important is data for a marketing team today? Well, I have someone who answers it best —

Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

In a quest to connect their efforts with customer visibility, CMOs are stacking their technology investments with data management solutions. They are re-aligning their B2B marketing goals to offer smooth and reliable customer experience across the web, mobile, social and web. A large part of that effort is directed at defining an accurate brand engagement model with ROI-specific results, possible only by having an unadulterated access to real-time customer data. Informatica, the leading provider of Data Management Solutions for B2B companies, has announced the release of latest versions of Informatica MDM – Customer 360 and Informatica MDM – Relate 360, enabling marketing teams to deliver flawless customer experiences in a competitive marketplace.

Informatica, by introducing the latest upgraded versions of its Master Data Management (MDM), intends to enhance marketing performance by providing powerful, actionable, next-gen standardized customer views at any scale. Marketers can uncover the true worth of existing relationships with customers by connecting dots between context and perspectives.

Informatica MDM -- Customer 360
Informatica MDM — Customer 360

“Informatica customer data management solutions have helped top brands improve their customer experiences through gathering, validating and mastering customer data across diverse sources, and managing it to ensure it stays clean, consistent and connected,” said Amit Walia, Executive Vice President and Chief Products Officer of Informatica.

“By infusing multidomain MDM with graph technology and intuitive relationship discovery capabilities, the synergy that results from using MDM – Customer 360 in concert with MDM – Relate 360 is a game-changer for businesses competing on customer experience, particularly as customer channels and data, not to mention expectations, continue to grow in diversity and complexity.”

Quick Snapshot of Informatica Master Data Management (MDM)

Informatica MDM solutions tackle complex issues related to customer identification and account data accuracies. It provides end-to-end MDM solution with customer-centric insights using visual data analytics and customer information management dashboards.  The new solutions in its MDM suite offer functionalities –

MDM – Customer 360
  • Role-based dashboard with configurable features to create personalized conversations based on opportunities and customer data
  • Quick integration with other Informatica MDM solutions, including Relate 360 or Data-as-a-service, enabling marketers to explore and improve relationships based on validation of contact information
  • Strategic data management and process improvement using data governance and collaboration solutions
  • Maintain clean, consistent and seamlessly connected customer information across on-premise and cloud environments
MDM – Relate 360
  • Discover unique data from all of Big Data sources, creating holistic view of people
  • Help marketers easily identify and visualize customer relationships using graphs and metrics
  • Improve Big Data outcome by removing inconsistencies and duplicated contact information based on powerful analytics
Informatica MDM -- Relate 360
Informatica MDM — Relate 360

By building Relate 360 and Customer 360, Informatica ensures that enterprise’s customer-related data can be leveraged to dig deeper into customer needs and behaviors, predicting how they will react to a disruption in the marketplace. Built as an user-friendly application, the upgraded platform provides a consistent and accurate single version of customer data across the organizations.

Additionally, the leading MDM solution provider also introduced a cutting-edge enterprise data governance solution – Informatica Axon, The announcement on the new solution follows Informatica’s acquisition of London-based data governance solution provider Diaku Limited. Diaku’s flagship application – Diaku Axon, has now been rebranded as Informatica Axon, which will provide a unified data governance framework for Big Data, cloud and MDM platforms.

According to the Gartner annual CMO Spend Survey 2016, CMOs will out-budget and outspend CIOs in investment in technologies for their organizations.  As CMOs take a multichannel approach to drive critical customer-facing, ROI-centric functions, MDM applications like Informatica Relate 360 and Customer 360 would play a key role in deciding the performance of their MarTech stacks.

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