LeanData Announces FlowBuilder Demand Management Solution with Advanced Routing Insights

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Flowbuilder, a Visual Display of Lead and Contact Workflow Inside Salesforce, Is Developed by LeadData

LeanData, the leader in demand management for B2B organizations, is excited to announce a revolutionary drag-and-drop interface for Salesforce that combines intuitive workflows with advanced analytics to transform lead and contact routing into a strategic advantage for companies.

LeanData FlowBuilder is a first-of-its-kind visual display of lead and contact workflows inside Salesforce, eliminating the need for lines of cumbersome assignment rules or complicated custom code. FlowBuilder gives businesses the ability to easily design complex workflows and then view how they are managing demand, optimize the process and quickly identify any problems.
Hendrick Lee leandata
Hendrick Lee

“What’s game-changing about FlowBuilder is organizations can design and implement workflows unique to their businesses that enable sales and marketing teams to collaborate as they move deals toward a successful close,” said Hendrick Lee, Vice President of Product at LeanData. “FlowBuilder reimagines what’s possible with managing demand.”

Generating demand is the lifeblood of every B2B company. But LeanData research has shown that 25 percent of the leads businesses generate do not reach the right sales reps – wasting time and resources. FlowBuilder changes that dynamic by ensuring leads always reach the correct person for a timely response.

With FlowBuilder, organizations get the most from their marketing spend and boost sales productivity. Chartio is an example of how LeanData automation eliminated confusion about how each incoming lead should be addressed, said Tom Melbourne, the Vice President of Sales.

“FlowBuilder gives me the ability to control the workflow and make changes without having our Sales Operations team rewrite rules or retrain the whole sales team on a new process,” Melbourne added. “I can just make a few clicks, fix any problem and redeploy a new workflow. LeanData just saves so much time and aggravation.”

In addition, FlowBuilder has real-time Routing Insights and audit logs that enable businesses to optimize their lead and contact distribution based on metrics. “Routing Insights is amazing. It’s very powerful to see the number of leads you’re routing through your system on a daily basis. Just having that view of your flow, seeing how leads are being routed to the right person and whether your SDR team is addressing them within minutes is one of the key values of LeanData,” said Steven PeriniSales Operations Manager at EverString.

“The B2B marketplace is going through profound changes as deals require the approval of more decision-makers and take longer to complete. This means sales and marketing must work together throughout the entire buyer’s journey. FlowBuilder helps ensure greater coordination between the teams. We’ve heard again and again that the B2B sales process is becoming more complicated and that it’s straining the limits of traditional Salesforce assignment rules. FlowBuilder gives businesses the ability to design intuitive workflows that evolve with their needs. There’s really nothing else like this,” Lee said.

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