Leo Burnett Taps New Chief Intelligence Officer to Pilot Integrated Data and Analytics Powerhouse “The Core”

Leo Burnett Taps New Chief Intelligence Officer to Pilot Integrated Data and Analytics Powerhouse "The Core"

John Lowell, who joins from Uptake, will lead the new unit through his expertise in creative optimization and programmatic media to search analytics and dynamic creative technology

Leo Burnett, the leading integrated digital marketing agency, announced the launch of a unique data management unit for consolidated integration and analytics. Branded as “The Core“, the new offering will serve as an insight engine, combining the power of existing Personifi and Human Lab units with the proprietary Ardent IO search technology. The Core, by virtue of its etymology, highlights Leo Burnett’s intention to make human behavior the “core” of all modern marketing communications. Living up to its mission to leverage human insight, The Core also finds human data as the seed of every great idea.

New Team and a New Chief Intelligence Officer at Leo Burnett Announced

As part of its launch, Leo Burnett named John Lowell as the Chief Intelligence Officer to pilot The Core. Lowell joins Leo Burnett from the Chicago-based predictive analytics firm, Uptake. It is a significant addition to the leadership at Leo Burnett as Uptake was recently named the fastest US-based startup to reach a $2 billion valuation.

Announcement within Months of Hiring New CEO and CMO

Andrew Swinand via LinkedIn
Andrew Swinand, CEO at Leo Burnett

Andrew Swinand, Leo Burnett North America CEO, announced the launch of The Core for clients, bringing together Leo Burnett’s legacy CRM capabilities and research processes, accompanied by the Ardent IO search technology. The Core will leverage data and analytics to deliver deep consumer insights that lead to highly targeted and personalized creative. The unified offering will allow teams at Leo Burnett, Arc and Rokkan to tap into its expertise and leverage first-, second-, and third-party data to identify business-building opportunities for clients.

Earlier in January, Leo Burnett named Andrew Swinand as its North America CEO, following the promotion of Rich Stoddart as the Global CEO. The leadership change was part of the business expansion, which saw Leo Burnett acquiring Swinand’s analytics software company, Ardent IO, and the start-up incubator – The Abundancy. The Core is the result of that combination. In doing so, the unit combines the agency’s data and analytics into one unified and competitive data offering.

The CEO Speaks about The Core and John Lowell, the Pilot

Andrew Swinand identifies the importance of launching The Core for Leo Burnett customers. He says —

“We live in a world where people are telling us what they want through their behavior. We can harness this data and infuse it into our creative communications to make them more personalized, more engaging and more effective. The Core will take the best of digital insight, the best of CRM and the best of human understanding, and link it all together as one powerful offering.”

John Lowell has served as VP of product strategy at Uptake, and previously held data and analytics leadership roles at Flite and Starcom. Before joining Uptake, Lowell helped to build and launch the Ardent search technology. By bringing Lowell to pilot The Core at Leo Burnett, the company will leverage his expertise in creative optimization and programmatic media to search analytics and dynamic creative technology.

Swinand adds, “John brings a unique and broad mix of experience that makes him the perfect fit to lead this new unified venture. His expertise ranges from creative optimization and programmatic media to search analytics and dynamic creative technology. Also, he brings the ability to integrate large volumes of data from Uptake that will create a competitive advantage for our clients.”

John Lowell about his new role and The Core

John Lowell
John Lowell, EVP Chief Intelligence Officer at Leo Burnett

The new Chief Intelligence Officer in the martech ecosystem is convinced about the value The Core brings to customers. Lowell affirms, “Leo Burnett has a storied reputation as a creative powerhouse, but the agency’s data and analytics expertise is a hidden gem. I’m excited to help build on this foundation and create real transformational change for our clients through The Core.”

The new team working on The Core comprises of 100 data and analytics professionals, statisticians, economists, psychologists and social scientists, including those from Leo Burnett’s Personifi and HumanLab divisions, which will now become part of The Core. Personifi, Leo Burnett’s analytics team will work within The HumanLab, to develop proprietary insight tools and capabilities, supporting the agency’s HumanKind operating system for The Core.

As part of The Core, the HumanLab will now be able to connect its work to data management platforms (DMPs) in order to directly link ethnographic segmentation research to clients’ propensity models. By introducing The Core, Leo Burnett shows the hunger to consolidate its position in enterprise data and analytics ecosystem, leveraging the expertise of top data analysts and scientists who are certified in the Adobe Experience Cloud platform.

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