Lotame Releases Data Onboarding Service for People-Based Marketing

Lotame Data Onboarding

Lotame Data Onboarding

Lotame, a leading data management platform (DMP) and data exchange, today announced the general availability of Lotame Onboarding — a people-based marketing service powered by LiveRamp™ IdentityLink. In recent years, the process of data onboarding – transferring offline data for online marketing needs has gained in popularity. Lotame’s Onboarding service has been made available following a successful beta testing period, said the company.

Data onboarding (or simply onboarding) is needed to connect offline customer records with online users, by matching identifying information gathered from offline datasets. According to the recent study by Winterberry Group called The State of Consumer Data Onboarding, the market for onboarding is expected to reach $250 million and is on target to hit $1 billion by 2020.

Identity resolution is a growing need for marketers applying person-based marketing techniques. Person-based marketing works when you can match personally identifiable information (PII) with non-PII data – matching these datasets allows companies to fill out profiles on specific persons, which are later anonymized. The Winterberry report included Acxiom’s LiveRamp, Experian, Neustar, and Lotame among the major vendors of data onboarding services.

Lotame said the new Onboarding service will be a fully managed service, including overseeing the relationship with LiveRamp on behalf of a client. Lotame will leverage its data expertise to advise clients on the most strategic way to onboard data, and resolve online and offline data to understand consumers holistically.

Lotame Data Onboarding

Lotame Onboarding enables marketers and agencies to connect their offline, subscription and customer relationship management (CRM) data with digital and mobile data to create a complete cross-platform understanding of their consumers. With this solution, users’ offline data is made available directly in Lotame’s DMP, in combination with existing data, eliminating the need for any external coordination.

“Lotame helps our clients gain insights about the entire customer journey, and then activate those insights in a privacy-safe way to create the optimal customer experience,” said Andy Monfried, CEO and Founder of Lotame. “Offering our clients the ability to bring their offline data online means they can move from device-based to people-based marketing in one single DMP, for a complete view of their consumers.”

“Since we primarily serve clients in the advocacy and political strategy space, we process millions of new offline data records every month to activate,” said Matt Capristo, Director of Online Advertising at IMGE. “Having the ability to connect this offline data to our other data sources in Lotame’s platform allows us to have a fuller picture of our target audiences.”

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