Meet Receptiv™, the New Brand Name for MediaBrix

Meet Receptiv™, the New Brand Name for MediaBrix

Receptiv also announced a series of new integrations, a new DMP and programmatic ad buying solutions to deliver best-in-class user experience. 

After a very productive year in 2016, the leading in-app video advertising platform MediaBrix announced its decision to rebrand itself as ReceptivTM, effective immediately. The ad tech firm also unveiled an entire series of new products, including ReceptivTM Solutions for managed services and ReceptivTM Video Marketplace for programmatic buying. The rebranding for MediaBrix comes within six months of their announcement about raising $6.5 million in funding and the launch of vertical video and 360-degree experience platform.

In addition to the first programmatic buying solutions, Receptiv also announced the introduction of Motiv, a first-party data management platform (DMP), built on billions of mobile data points across more than 1,300 premium apps and 150 million DeviceIDs.

ReceptivTM, along with exclusive partners, will be delivering programmatic solutions headed by Derek Weingarten, the new VP of Programmatic Sales. Derek is the former VP-Programmatic Sales at OwnerIQ, an ad tech company that also provides programmatic buying solutions to retailers and brands. Receptiv’s first product suite (MediaBrix’s third generation) conforms IAM standard units, across both divisions.

Ari Brandt, CEO and co-founder of Receptiv says, “As we continue to lead the industry with mobile ad innovation, our North Star has always been to create the most receptive ad experiences for users, something sorely lacking in our industry. Our data and insights around user experience have grown much more sophisticated, and as a result, our company identity and offerings have become more refined and differentiated.”

Brandt adds, “We’ve harnessed our first-party data for advanced mobile audience intelligence and precise targeting to create the most scalable, contextually relevant ads for today’s consumers — who prefer to have brands add value to their app experience, rather than detract from it.”

Quick View on New offerings from ReceptivTM


Video Player-Ad Interface Definition

Receptiv offers brands an unprecedented control over multiple video formats, featuring 100% direct-to-developer supply via a software development kit (SDK). The SDK, again, is 100% viewable and human, as measured by Moat & Integral Ad Science. All offerings are 100% Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID) enabled. In addition to confirming with the IAB standards, the new video advertising product suite can be purchased for skipping/un-skipping and rewarded/unrewarded placements.

Receptiv Video Marketplace

The latest programmatic buying marketplace offers verified app inventory from its existing premium platform available through The Trade Desk DSP and SpotX’s SSP programmatic and ad serving technology.

The marketplace for programmatic buying features more than 500 new apps exclusively made available to the brands that did not have access to other programmatic environments.

Receptiv Video Marketplace empowers brands to launch large-format mobile video campaigns using Receptiv’s dynamic ad container, the first in the industry able to automatically contextualize ads with native design elements.

Currently, Receptiv is working with leading video inventory management platform SpotX to make Receptiv Video inventory available within private marketplaces and deal-IDs.

Receptiv Solutions 

These are fully-managed services that offer an expanded product suite including large-format, immersive video and rich media format options such as vertical video, Motiv Insights Survey, 360-degree experiences, multi-video selectors, sound/haptics, scalable integrations, and more.

All options support large-scale campaigns to achieve critical KPIs according to the brand’s priorities. Brands also have access to premium targeting via the Receptiv DMP, Motiv.

Receptiv’s Motiv: First-Party DMP with an Unmatched Data Set  

ReceptivTM introduced Motiv as a new mobile-first DMP with unparalleled, custom first-party segments and advanced audience insights. Motiv leverages proprietary in-app behavioral analytics and advanced machine learning models based on more than 150 million mobile devices.

Motiv uses predictive modeling algorithms to turn 80+ terabytes of raw, disparate data into targetable and actionable audience segments, powering the next generation of intelligent mobile advertising.

Receptiv collects device-specific behavioral, performance and psychographic data through its SDK integration with more than 1,300 premium apps across utility, messaging, fitness, and other categories. Motiv offers more than 90 percent accuracy on key demographic indicators, more than two times more accurate than third-party mobile data that relies on inadequate cookie-based and IP targeting, according to Nielsen benchmarks. Further, Motiv’s human focus provides marketers with curated audiences that outperform in every category. Motiv’s predictive modeling is powered by first-party data enhanced with trusted data sources including official U.S. government data from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Social Security Administration to further improve accuracy.

“Over the years, we’ve seen MediaBrix deliver on its promise of human-centered advertising and grow steadily because of it, emerging as a market leader for in-app mobile video,” said Ryan Ziegler, General Partner of Edison Partners. “While its technology and team have always been ahead of the curve, there is greater market demand than ever for what Receptiv now offers, and this evolution in company identity reflects that. As an investor and a partner in the brand, we look forward to its continued growth.”

2016 for Receptiv: A Quick Recap

MediaBrix, now Receptiv, pulled off a remarkable year, bringing cutting-edge ad technologies for the industry. One of the mega achievements for the company was its integration with Microsoft Azure for precision ad targeting to drive better customer experience and user receptivity.

In November 2016, Receptiv’s former product suite brought vertical video and 360-degree experiences for mobile app environments. The latest decision to rename the brand as ReceptivTM comes just a month after the mobile video ad leader announced tapping David Cohn as their CEO.

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