Mirabel Technologies Launches NEXGEN Website Visitor Identification CRM Software

Mirabel Technologies Launches NEXGEN Lead Cultivation Tool

Mirabel Technologies Marketing Manager CRM platform does the ‘heavy lifting’ of data mining and gives sales representatives a shortcut to finding more clients

Mirabel Technologies, the global leader in integrated publishing solutions, launched Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, an NEXGEN leads identification CRM platform that finds qualified prospects and ranks them based on purchase intent. The platform also finds the details related to web visitor’s circle of influence and other decision-makers at their organizations and automatically appends data fields including their job titles, their email addresses, and a company’s reported revenue.

A new Marketing Manager client, Mark Corbett, Associate Publisher at Gulfstream Media Group, said: “We’ve already seen its value and what it can do. In the last six months, this app added 3,000 new records to our CRM, and 5% of them converted already.”

Marketing Manager unveils the identities of website visitors and appends their data automatically to the record on CRM in seconds. Basic contact info, such as IP address and phone number, are typical fields populated within the Marketing Manager. With its proprietary database of over 9 million businesses and nearly 90 million email addresses. the  Marketing Manager can append data to nearly any website visitor or email address captured on a landing page, website, or an online form.

In addition, the platform ranks prospects based on target behaviors that indicate their purchase intent. By integrating with powerful marketing tools like MailChimp and Unbounce for landing pages, the Marketing Manager ranks target prospects based on triggers such as whitepaper downloads, email opens, video views, meeting requests, and other data.

“Having all of this marketing data in one app is a big advantage. This product does the ‘heavy lifting’ of data mining and gives sales representatives a shortcut to finding more clients.” – Jakob Fenger, Director of Client Engagement at Mirabel Technologies

Moreover, the Marketing Manager overshadows its competitors by offering prospecting capabilities at a lower cost. “I have previously used Hubspot, and in addition to costing far less, it [Marketing Manager] is a far more powerful tool for lead identification and prospecting,” said Mike Cook, Sales & Marketing Manager, Dynamic Network Support.

Deemed as the Ultimate Lead Cultivation Tool, the platform provides lead alerts for new leads captured and what content engages them. Marketing Manager offers competitive insights on the web traffic and social media followers of competition. To help brands be ahead of the competition, it adds prospects detail to CRM in seconds. “The Marketing Manager helps my sales team get the right information pushed to them to close deals faster, which means more sales,” informed Elton Sayward, COO Gulfstream Media Group.

Mirabel’s Marketing Manager Software is supported by a CRM structure proven effective by thousands of its Magazine Manager Software users. Mirabel’s Magazine Manager is the first web-based CRM for publishers that serve more 15,000 publications worldwide. Mirabel Technologies other products include The Newspaper Manager, Digital Studio, Flip & Share.

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