mParticle’s Latest Customer Data Platform Improves Usability For Brands

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mParticle’s latest customer data service is a next generation platform with significant changes as compared to its previous iterations. The new platform offers improved service enhancements and a revived workflow which makes it easier to connect data anywhere.

Since 2013 the company has worked to improve its product features. This year the platform comes with a new feature called Feeds which allows brands to assimilate customer data from different SaaS applications.

The new data platform is aimed at brands who have trouble compiling and analyzing customer related data. The data is accessed through cloud based applications and brands can use it anytime they want.


mParticle, headquartered in NYC was founded in 2013 as a company that allows businesses to have complete access to data through their customer data platform. The company helps brands keep up with the customer demands by providing an advanced platform for apps and web across devices in the marketplace. mParticle is a trusted partner for brands like Foursquare, Airbnb, Hulu, Spotify and King. The platform manages over 1 billion mobile users every month and has captured over $5 billion in eCommerce transactions. It has been listed as one of the best places to work in Crain’s Top 20 Best Places to Work.

The new platform takes just minutes for brands to combine customer information data from a variety of customer information source. It includes advertising attribution, email, CRM, help desk, and different payment platforms. One major difference between mParticle’s platform and others is that it is not limited to tactic-specific solutions. Instead it allows brands to absorb data and then analyze them from anywhere using cloud based approach.

“The shift to mobile and the adoption of SaaS tools creates a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for brands,” said Michael Katz, mParticle’s CEO and co-founder. “Data platforms need to be completely re-imagined to help businesses deal with several new realities not addressed by legacy solutions. This is a matter of invention, not just innovation.”

The new Feeds application on mParticle’s platform solves the task of absorbing first party data in a seamless way. The Feeds makes it easier for brands to capture multiple ad data while continuously syncing data across business partners.

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