Eyeota Partners with Stirista to Bring Powerful Targeting Capabilities on Eyeota Audience Data Marketplace

To kill an error is as good a service as, and sometimes even better than, the establishing of a new truth or fact.” -Charles Darwin

Stirista, together with Eyeota (mentioned as ‘eyeota’), has taken inspiration from Charles Darwin when it announced a series of new segmentations for the Eyeota Audience Data Marketplace. The new capabilities will help marketers, advertisers and media buyers make accurate conclusions about their audience engagement campaigns. Based on the undiluted insights provided by the Eyeota Audience Data Marketplace, businesses can improve their customer outreach strategies with ROI-specific actions.

“Today’s consumers have a short attention span, quickly jumping from one topic to the next in mere minutes and hoping to avoid irrelevant content and ads,” says Blaine Britten, Stirista’s director of digital services.

Britten adds, “Coupling our data with Eyeota gives brands a 360-degree view of their customers. Brands can leverage our data to help them identify the right audiences and deliver relevant and personalized content to keep customers engaged across multiple channels.”

The newly-available data segments offered on Audience Data Marketplace –

  • B2B – audience data to micro-target business employees, these segments include title, individual job department, and firmographic data to help select audiences based on industry, company revenue or the number of employees.
  • B2C – data sets incorporate more than 275 million social records from all major social media platforms
  • Language – segments based on languages users speak, targeting more than 60 different dialects
  • Life-event triggers – audiences who are going through major life-changing events, such as new and pre-movers, newly-engaged couples, newlyweds, new moms and first-time homeowners

Taking a definitive stance on how Eyeota intends to segment demographics for better audience engagement, Kevin Tan, Eyeota’s CEO and managing director, Americas, adds –

Stirista’s new and unique segments offer marketers and advertisers the ability to better understand and target audiences. From learning more about their customers’ cultural interests to understanding their social and purchasing habits, Stirista’s high-quality and accurate data helps brands win over audiences.”

Eyeota currently provides 58000+ segments spanning across 3 billion profiles and trillions of data points, enabling businesses to maximize their every dollar spending on media and advertisements. By partnering with “mega-data micro-targeting” platform provider Stirista, Eyeota will be best placed in MarTech ecosystem to provide an effective audience data strategy built to deliver accurate ad campaigns.

MarTech in 2017 will be all about how well CMOs choose their stacks to manage data and excavate new findings of their campaigns, investments and their most prized resources – the customer. What has become ubiquitous today in MarTech will soon become obsolete if technology firms don’t empower CMOs to have a clear, consistent and single-truth definition on audience profiles. Marketing attribution remains the unsolved puzzle for every marketer. Irrespective of the fact that most readily available solutions offer comprehensive insights into audience engagement, there exists a visible gap between “now and then” across omnichannel platforms.

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