OpenText Introduces Enhancement Pack 2 for Release 16

OpenText Introduces Enhancement Pack 2 for Release 16

EP2 offers new integrations across the Release 16 product portfolio for customers that include deeper integrations within the OpenText platform and with leading applications

OpenText, the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) provider, launched the second enhancement pack for OpenText Release 16, the platform that digitizes, automates and optimizes information flow from customer engagement to deep business insight.

Release 16 Enhancement Pack 2 (EP2) updates will be completed by end of this month.  The upgrades include an enhanced user interface that will simplify the digitization of business process and manage information flows better.

“It is only going to get better with Enhancement Pack 1, Enhancement Pack 2, and Enhancement Pack 3, along with our recent acquisitions of Recommind in discovery and HP in engagement,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText CEO and CTO. He further added, “As you look to automate a customer journey or a new process, digital technology is in a lot of ways going directly to the customer or consumer. When we look at the next 20 years, we firmly believe that EIM is the platform for digitization. And just as  Campaign to Cash is the flow in the ERP, the flow in EIM is Engagement to Insights. And that is the promise what EIM can deliver.”


Climbing this curve is hard says OpenText CEO

With EP2, customers get access to the features and enhancements to take their digital transformation strategy further and uncover valuable insights. EP2 offers new integrations across Release 16 product portfolio that includes Experience Suite, Business Network, Process Suite, Content Suite, Analytics Suite, and Discovery Suite.

Improved Integrated Information Flow

EP2 introduced the integration of Process Suite with Business Network, enabling complex integration and services orchestration in the cloud. Analytics capabilities in EP2 have improved with new process alerting capabilities. Trading Grid Analytics support for unique industry protocols has been expanded. The new EP2 enhancement enables Analytics Suite to easily share analysis results from OpenText Big Data Analytics with OpenText iHub. On the other hand, iHub can access the Big Data Analytics engine via ODA. New integration with iHub delivers integrated dashboards, extensible reports, and greater analytics depth.

OpenText Analytics for Fax and Notifications; and a better OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management (ECM) integration with Process Suite is part of the new enhancement. EP2. Content Suite integration to Microsoft Office Online helps bridge information siloes, and Microsoft Office 365 connectivity in Discovery Suite streamlines Early Case Assessment.

John Oram Director, ICT & KM, CARE Canada, said, “The new web interface introduced with OpenText Content Suite 16, combined with Microsoft Office Online integration, is seamless and simple to use, and it worked ‘out-of-the-box’ with zero effort on the part of the end user. For us, this is a win-win solution, resulting in easy collaboration and content management oversight, for both end-users and organizations alike!”

Additional Ecosystem Integration

OpenText Media Management and Adobe Creative Cloud’s new integration enables designers to reuse media assets and streamline creative processes.  EP2 also announced a direct integration of OpenText TeamSite with Marketo marketing automation application to optimize campaign experiences.

Its extended ECM platform, as part of the Content Suite, offers stronger integration with leading applications including SAP S/4HANA ERP, SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C), SuccessFactors, Hybris Marketing, and Archiving for Oracle EBS.

Other enhancements include Lightning & Salesforce 1 UI/mobile support, VIM Integration into S/4 Hana Cloud, and improved Business References to strengthen visibility, functionality, and bulk operations via Extended ECM.

Enhancing User Productivity

EP2 delivers cloud optimization, mobility, smart UI, automation, flexibility, self-service, and creative collaboration. In addition to mobile order management and business event notifications in OpenText Business Network, EP2 also brings simplified application development within OpenText Process Suite; and new automation options in OpenText Discovery Suite.

Expanded Smart User Interface in OpenText Content Suite simplifies how users create, collaborate on, and manage content from desktop or mobile. EP2 offers unified OpenText Customer Communications Management document design tools and ultra-personalized communications in OpenText Experience Suite.

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