Optimove Customer Marketing Cloud Now Laced With AI-Based Recommendations & Replenishment Features

Optimove Customer Marketing Cloud Now Laced With AI-Based Recommendations & Replenishment Features

New features integrate with retailers’ CRM strategy to deliver more personalized, predictive recommendations based on intent rather than just history

Optimove, the maker of Optimove Customer Marketing Cloud, announced the introduction of two new features — Recommendations and Replenishment, to enable retail customers to deliver unmatched personalization and experience based on intent data-based predictive intelligence. Optimove Customer Marketing Cloud now have Recommendations and Replenishment features that use proprietary machine learning algorithms to allow retailers gain more visibility into their customers purchase behavior, combining their historical data as well as intent based on predictions. The predictive recommendations are drawn from the touch points along the customer journey.

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Optimove Customer Marketing Cloud then intelligently integrates tailor-made recommendations and replenishment tools with customer’s existing CRM strategy, helping marketers increase brand loyalty, engagement, and revenue at scale.

Optimove, driven by its commitment to enabling marketers with clear, real-time communication with their customers, introduced the new features to add “Emotional Quotient” into CRM strategies. The human touch in marketing automation based on intent data enhances engagement, and by adding product recommendations and replenishment tools, Optimove has moved a step closer in showing customers—“Yes we’re really listening.”

Pini Yakuel, CEO of Optimove, says-

“Optimove is bringing the power of a robust CRM strategy to a B2C world; connecting content and product recommendations to our customer data models gives marketers insights they never had before.”

Optimove introduced Optibot, world’s first marketing optimization bot to bridge the gap between data science and CRM strategies. The company did not clarify if Optibot will also deliver Replenishment and Recommendations to its customer cloud platform.

Traditionally, retailers have relied on the siloed product recommendation and replenishment engines to make relevant suggestions, even with limited customer information. That will change with the introduction of Optimove’s latest additions.  With Optimove, retailers will have supreme customer intelligence based on intent data, allowing retailers to have a more holistic view of their customer and be able to predict their wants and needs accurately with smarter data.

Apart from the Optimove Customer Marketing Cloud, the recommendations and replenishment features also augur well for the customers using its other products, including Predictive Customer Modeling, Predictive Marketing Software, Marketing Data Hub, Multi-channel Campaign Automation, Real-time Hypertargeting Marketing, and Self-Optimizing Personalization.

Marketers looking for best-in-breed customer marketing solutions no longer rely on siloed SaaS-based predictive modeling platforms. Optimove’s new enhancements to the Customer Cloud Marketing could help drive perfectly-orchestrated multi-channel campaigns based on intent data.

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