i.Predictus Introduces ‘Ada’…A New Marketing IT Data Service


The Services Are Launched In Response To Address The Growing Needs Of CMOs To Quicken The Process Of It Implementation

i.Predictus, a division of Marketsmith Inc. and one of the fastest-growing, woman-owned, data-driven integrated marketing agencies, released ‘Ada’, a new suite of marketing IT infrastructure and data services used to enhance client IT teams and expedite speed-to-market. The product derived its name from Ada Lovelace, a nineteenth-century female analyst, metaphysician, and the founder of scientific computing.

Developed by marketers to meet the challenges faced by marketers, Ada responds to a growing industry requirement for faster implementation and scalability of marketing technologies and data services. Ideally, these deployments put pressures on internal IT teams, creating long lead times within the IT queue. This has to be balanced by marketers with a competitive need to quickly implement new cutting-edge marketing technologies. The resulting strain on internal systems and teams can cause costly bottlenecks and business interruptions.

i.Predictus Executive Vice President Carina Pologruto noted that, “That’s where the Ada marketing services suite comes in. It provides marketers with the expertise they need to quickly implement IT services without putting additional pressure on internal departments. Ada allows us to deliver marketing IT projects in a fraction of the time. For example, projects that take clients’ internal IT teams up to 6 months to accomplish we can do in as little as 2 weeks.”

Obsessed with clean data, i.Predictus complements Ada as the later includes data cleansing and governance, data warehousing and data lakes, consumer data-basing, data architecture, marketing IT, data management platforms and revenue leakage analysis. It can be used as a complete marketing IT outsourcing platform and can also be leveraged to improve specific individual projects

According to Carina Pologruto,“today’s CMO needs to stay on top of a myriad of technologies like predictive analytics, big data, behavioral targeting and the Internet of Things, just to name a few. Ada grew out of our work with existing clients,” said Pologruto. “One by one, we began completing more service-related projects and realized we had a viable extension to our business.” She referred to Gartner’s recent CMO spend survey that states CMOs will spend more on technology this year than CIOs!

i.Predictus was recently chosen by AXIO Financial Services to help it maximize the benefits of the cloud for CRM, sales automation, reporting, analytics and data operations. The IT team at i.Predictus is assisting Axio with its data infrastructure, data management, security and ETL operations, which enables the company to maximize the economic and technological advantages of an enterprise-wide cloud platform.

“Axio leverages Ada to enhance our customer experiences as well as our customer marketing, which all works toward helping our customers grow their businesses,” says Rick Baff, Chief Information Officer at Axio Financial.

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