Thunderhead Adds Connected Data Technology from Merkle|DBG to Accelerate Customer Engagement

Thunderhead Adds Connected Data Technology from Merkle|DBG to Accelerate Customer Engagement

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Customers don’t talk to you just because they like you, they talk to you because they need something; they need it now and on the platform that suits them. 

No amount of data can save a marketing campaign from failing if it doesn’t deliver the most engaging customer experience. While most marketers continue to pay for the data, there are only a handful of them who actually derive ROI from the intelligence and analytics. Thunderhead, a leading provider of technology for enterprise customer engagement, has hit the right notes in helping marketers overcome the challenge. The martech firm for customer experience has joined forces with Merkle|DBG, an agency specializing in leveraging data and technology to help their clients drive growth and improve performance.

While ONE is a powerful technology, we designed it to be simple to use so that brands can focus on executing their customer engagement strategy at speed. I’m looking forward to working with Merkle|DBG and their clients.” — Glen Manchester, CEO and founder at Thunderhead

Thunderhead, the maker of ONE platform will now leverage compelling data insights from Merkle|DBG to build unique journey-based customer experience strategies for B2B and B2C enterprises. Thunderhead’s ONE, which is a cloud-based customer engagement platform, enables marketers to connect omnichannel customer behavior and their brand relationships, helping them create enthralling engagements at various touchpoints.

Glen Manchester, CEO and founder at Thunderhead says, “We are in a period of rapid innovation and Merkle|DBG is at the frontline, working with transformational businesses on customer engagement to give them a leading edge.”

Merkle|DBG with Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub will drive conversation-led engagement and build stronger and more valuable relationships with customers. Richard Lees, SVP Europe Solutions at Merkle|DBG, acknowledges, “Our partnership with customer engagement experts Thunderhead is extremely exciting. The ONE Engagement Hub is a revolutionary technology that allows forward-thinking clients to understand their customers in real-time throughout the relationship with their brands. The technology is light-touch, working with systems already in place to create insight that delivers benefits and value fast.”

Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub is a unique Customer Engagement platform that joins the web, mobile, high street and contact center customer experiences, connecting them with the existing CRM system to create a multi-dimensional view of every customer. Highly intuitive and responsive, ONE Engagement Hub is the “sniper” every B2B marketer seeks in matching customer profiles with experiences. With Merkle|DBG, Thunderhead makes customer engagement look more personal and effective than ever before.

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