WebDAM Starts Offering Machine Learning Capabilities to Simplify Image Search

WebDAM Starts Offering Machine Learning Capabilities to Simplify Image Search

Marketers are always on the lookout for stable and efficient marketing tools to leverage statistical parameters for their omnichannel campaigns. Machine learning is a significant long-term investment solution for such marketers, especially from the point of view of digital asset management. WebDAM just launched an automated marketing management tool that uses machine learning capabilities to zero onto relevant keywords matching the asset. Now, marketers can use machine-learning technology to target the most relevant, high ROI-driven keywords and run successful campaigns across various channels.

WebDAM, the leading digital asset management, released a new cutting-edge keyword proposal tool built on machine learning capabilities to improve search experience and refine visual content management. The cloud-based keyword suggestion feature can be seamlessly integrated with the available visual assets inventory, enabling marketers to create search-friendly experiences using clear and accurate metadata descriptions.

WebDAM Keyword Suggestion feature
WebDAM Keyword Suggestion feature

“By leveraging artificial intelligence, WebDAM continues to lead with powerful technology that is reshaping digital asset management. Using machine learning to automate a process that was often haphazard and required hours of time is a tremendous improvement for our customers who work in the fast-paced world of marketing,” commented Shane Westra, VP of Product at WebDAM.

WebDAM’s Keyword Suggestion feature recognizes visual assets and provides a pre-defined list of curated keywords as tags for the images. This makes image tagging quicker and simpler simplified, allowing marketers to focus on other aspects of customer experience. WebDAM’s Suggested Keywords feature is the first significant step towards automating Digital Asset Management (DAM) using machine learning. It shouldn’t be left to speculation that DAM platforms will see more of machine learning capabilities in coming months, delivering predictive analytics on customer’s asset consumption across multiple channels.  In short, content marketers can significantly cut down the guesswork from their keyword search processes and reduce the time that goes into manually searching for meta-keywords.

WebDAM, which is now a Shutterstock company, offers a goldmine of visual assets. Marketers can utilize its fully-scalable DAM platform to organizes, share, edit, distribute and track creative assets through automation. In addition to the Suggested Keywords feature, WebDAM also offers superlative marketing automation features like Connected Workflows, Granular Permissions, Faceted Search, Extensible API and File Conversion and Cropping.

“This is the first application of Shutterstock’s industry-leading computer vision technology outside of the Shutterstock creative platform,” said Kevin Lester, Shutterstock’s VP of Engineering for Search. “As part of our mission to invest in artificial intelligence, we are thrilled to find powerful uses for this technology with WebDAM, as they continue to innovate their product and meet the demands of their global customer base.”

Powered by machine learning capabilities, WebDAM is among top DAM platforms that can create a dynamic source of brand assertions with easy adaptability for smartly streamlined operations.

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