Outbrain and Dataveyes Collaborate on Web Affinity Index


Each Category Corresponds To An Affinity Index, Which Measures The Relationship Between The Theme Of An Outbrain Recommendation The Theme Accessed By The User

Outbrain, a leading premium discovery platform, collaborated with Dataveyes, an award-winning French start-up specializing in human-data interactions, to reveal the interests of Internet users. This interactive data visualization application displays affinity data from both desktop and mobile audiences across a defined set of vertical sectors. The information is based on the affluence of the discovery platform’s data collected across 15 countries in 2016.

Insights are organized into 11 main categories including Auto, Travel, Business & Finance, News, Entertainment, Health, Home & Lifestyle, Sports, Electronics & Tech, Travel, and Food. The categories are then further broken down into 88 subcategories. Each category corresponds to an affinity index, which measures the relationship between the theme of an Outbrain recommendation and the theme accessed by the user on a media site.

Keith Pepper
Keith Pepper, Country Manager, North America

Keith Pepper, Country Manager, North America, Outbrain, commented, With Dataveyes, we wanted to offer advertisers insight into the ‘Discovery moments’ of their target audiences through a visualization that makes the vast unique data we hold accessible, and digestible.”

Caroline Goulard
Caroline Goulard, co-founder of Dataveyes

Caroline Goulard, co-founder of Dataveyes, said, Our ambition is to invent new visual languages to translate data into information, and ultimately to serve a better understanding of our everyday world. This is what the unique dataset from Outbrain allowed us to do: to tell a new story about the interests of internet users.”

Outbrain has a unique dataset capable of revealing the true interests of internet users and to reveal Discovery Moments” from across its proprietary network. The leading premium content discovery platform, Outbrain brings personalized, relevant online, mobile and video content to audiences while helping publishers understand their audiences through data. The company serves more than 250 billion personalized content recommendations, reaching in the region of a billion users every month across the globe. Top-tier premium publishers that currently leverage the Outbrain platform include CNN, ESPN, Time Inc., Le Monde, Fox News, The Guardian, The Telegraph, New York Post, Sky News, TF1, Condé Nast, Bild, Orange, and L’Equipe.

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