Pendo Announces New Analytics to Decode NPS® from Opaque to Actionable


First of their kind NPS data visualization provides deeper insight into the specific features and product usage patterns that drive customer satisfaction

Pendo, creator of the leading web-based Product Experience Platform, introduced a new way to analyze and act upon Net Promoter ScoreSM results at the Industry Conference. This new feature brings together product usage data and survey feedback in several unique data visualizations that allow product teams to easily understand how their product experience directly impacts customer satisfaction.

66% of Fortune 1000 companies consider NPS a key metric of company performance. In the last 18 months, Pendo has helped its customers improve NPS response rates anywhere between 100-10,000% by moving from email to in-app delivery of the surveys.

While NPS is an important benchmark, it has traditionally been difficult to connect scores with underlying root causes and, in particular, to understand how user interactions with specific product areas impact the score. With Pendo’s new NPS offering, SaaS companies can directly attribute NPS to specific features and actual product usage patterns, making NPS a vastly more actionable metric. With the new set of intuitive visualization tools, product teams can now use Pendo to see:

  • Page and feature usage by NPS Promoters and Detractors. This visualization reveals which aspects of the product are used most heavily by NPS respondents, plotted on a detraction-promotion axis.
  • Usage volume and action matrix. This visualization plots 4 “action zones” that showcase the sub-segments of NPS respondents that may be particularly actionable (for example, high usage Detractors, low usage Detractors, etc.).
  • Easy demographic segmentation. A quick view of how different user roles or other segments correspond to NPS.
  • Trends over time. Illustrates NPS fluctuation over time, with daily, weekly, and monthly charts to understand patterns and trends.
Todd Olson, Pendo co-founder and CEO
Todd Olson

“Combining NPS with product usage data is extremely powerful. While NPS is widely adopted as a key customer experience metric, it’s often difficult or impossible to discern the factors behind the score. With this new capability, Pendo provides full attribution of an NPS back to specific features and product usage patterns, making NPS a more actionable metric for product leaders,” said Todd Olson, Pendo co-founder and CEO.

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