Roosboard Announces Search-Driven Analytics for Intuitive Visualization of Data

Roosboard Announces Search-Driven Analytics for Intuitive Visualization of Data

Search, Analyze, Discover, Visualize, Dashboard – Explore at Roosboard

Roosboard is a precedent-setting search-based analytics platform for humans that introduces a relational search engine to analyze enterprise data rapidly, without the dependence of a technical team.

The search analytics platform presents the search results as best-fit visualizations with guided search experience. So, users can easily analyze, discover, and build reports and dashboards in seconds.

The wide variety of alluring features in Roosboard make an impressive set of capabilities which let business decision-makers perform a variety of tasks and visualize overall business at performance analysis dashboards.

Big data analytics can easily be achieved with a search-based analytics feature that helps the organization to analyze a massive amount of data in seconds and also gives auto suggestions while typing. Self-service analytics combine the power of search engines with intuitive visuals and creation of dashboards.

Access dashboards from anywhere through smart phones, PCs, laptops, and tablets, or display the dashboards on big screen TVs for greater visibility and even present easy slideshows during the meetings to make better decisions faster.


Roosboard seamlessly connects various databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Azure and Cloud SQL. The KPI dashboard enables real-time visibility of integrated data at one screen instead of switching to multiple screens. The user can maximize the widget by zoom in and zoom out and also can drill down the data to n-levels.

Embedded analytics

Customers can embed the power of Roosboard Relational Search engine into their web pages or applications, get in-depth analytics and make more intuitive analytics by combining insight and action in the same application.

The Roosboard Embedded feature makes data analysis and business intelligence more accessible in all kinds of applications for users.

Many business applications can rely 100 percent on embedded search analytics, making their analytics process much easier than they think, with the ability to ask questions, analyze data and uncover new revenue streams. This provides intuitive use and gives absolutely fast results on searched data that helps the organization find the hidden parts in business and develop many more techniques across the globe.

Relational search engine

Relational Search is a new kind of search engine for data analytics that combines the ease of use of consumer search with the speed at scale of an enterprise data platform.

This relational search engine comprehends relationships across disparate enterprise data sources and returns the results instantly from millions of rows of data. In a relational database, all data are stored and accessed via relations that always provide a faster user experience.

What’s next

Roosboard’s next launch is hands-free search using voice (voice IOT device) to analyze business data so that anyone can make quick analytics move easily with their goal and targets.

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