Tickr Acquires Market.Space to Provide More Relevant Content to a Larger Audience

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Tickr acquires Market.Space. Adds data visualization platform to increase active customer base by 500%.

Tickr, the leading marketing and sales performance platform, has acquired business monitoring and visualizations company – Market.Space for an undisclosed amount to provide competitive real-time cross-channel data to users. The acquisition aims to streamline data for marketers and publishers, provide them more relevant content to a larger audience for better levels of reach and engagement.

By its own admission, Tickr built the world’s first Business Performance Platform to provide a unified data management over Cloud-based UI. By adding Market.Space, the California-based company brings marketing, enterprise metrics, social analytics, CRM interactions and financial communications—all in one screen, instantly.

Tyler Peppel, CEO of Tickr, says, “Tickr has proven its value with some of the world’s biggest brands over the last couple of years, and now it’s time for us to scale.”

“We’ve taken our solutions for these brands and are productizing them to become highly scalable and highly repeatable. Market.Space is a natural complement to Tickr’s existing offering and will provide a turbo boost to our capabilities while immediately increasing our active customer base by 500%.”

Currently, Tickr unifies all enterprise data streams on one screen, from internal business applications like web analytics, CRM, ERP, and marketing automation, as well as from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.  Its omnichannel marketing solutions enable marketers to view their performance across multiple brands, geographies, and products through a unified interface. Tickr also provides tracking tool for customer experience across the web, mobile, social, video, apps and more.

Highlighting the need for Tickr to scale- up, CEO Peppel adds, “The acquisition of their (Market.Space) world-class technology platform, combined with the unique talents of their team members, will enable us to accelerate even faster.”

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Market.Space assists B2B companies to follow competitors, clients, prospects, and portfolios with real-time business data in a unique visualization format that features scheduled charts directly delivered into team messaging platforms like Slack, Hipchat, and Office 365.

“We designed Market.Space to solve many of the same problems that Tickr addresses and have established a leadership position within the category when it comes to social media tracking,” stated Jason Beatty, CTO and co-founder, Market.Space. Beatty will be joining Tickr as its VP Engineering. He believes this is the perfect time to take this great idea and turn it into a profitable company by joining forces with another industry leader.

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