Distil Networks Enables Websites to Clean up Google Analytics for Free

Distil Networks Enables Websites to Clean up Google Analytics for Free

Google Analytics plugin lets users filter bot data that Google misses from reports providing deeper insights into real users and better decision making

Distil Networks has announced two major updates today. The global leader in bot detection and mitigation launched Distil Bot Discovery for Google Analytics, a one-click offering that integrates with Google Analytics to find and filter bot traffic. Distil Bot Discovery for Google Analytics is the result of the acquisition of Are You A Human, a leading provider of real-time human behavior analysis technology.

Distil Bot Defense Prevents The Web and Mobile Hijacking

Distil Bot Defense for Web defends websites against web scraping, competitive data mining, account takeovers, transaction fraud, unauthorized vulnerability scans, spam, digital ad fraud, and denial of service.

Distil Bot Defense for APIs protects public and partner-facing APIs against developer errors, integration bugs, automated scraping, and the web and mobile hijacking.

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Today, Google’s bot filtering only catches 1% of bot traffic that hits most sites. That means that every A/B test, every conversion metric, every traffic analysis is skewed by bad bot data. Distil’s free offering is designed to remove the bad data created by bots, which are used by competitors, hacker, and fraudsters and are the key culprits behind web scraping, brute force attacks, competitive data mining, online fraud, account hijacking, data theft, spam, digital ad fraud, and downtime.

Distil Bot Discovery for Google Analytics
Distil Bot Discovery for Google Analytics

“Bot activity is so prevalent today, that if you run a website of any shape or size, there is a good chance that bad bots have scraped your data, caused downtime or impacted your analytics,” said Rami Essaid, Co-founder and CEO of Distil Networks.

Distil Bot Discovery Measures Scale of Bad Bot Problem Instantly

“In our recent Bad Bot Report, analysts found that every website, from the largest (Alexa 1-10,000) to the tiniest (Alexa 150,000+), were impacted by bad bot activity in 2016, showing that the problem permeates beyond industry and company size. Google’s independent bot filtering catches less than one percent of the bots we see and does not provide the level of insight obtained through Distil Bot Discovery. With this new product, companies can understand the scale of their bot problem within minutes.”

Distil analyzes how users interact on a website, determines whether each user is a human or a bot, and pushes that data directly into Google Analytics. Armed with accurate Google Analytics reports that filter out bot data, users can make better business decisions. With Distil Bot Discovery for Google Analytics, for the very first time, users can:

  • Determine which channels and campaigns are being hit the hardest by bots and wasting advertising dollars.
  • Identify the forms and pages where bots are skewing conversion rates the most.
  • See the true performance of A/B tests by filtering out bot actions.
  • Create a custom view to automatically filter bot data from every Google Analytics report.
  • Prove the quality of traffic to advertisers and ad verification companies.

Currently, Distil Networks is the only proactive and precise way to mitigate bad bots across web applications, mobile and APIs. The global leader in bot detection and mitigation you automatically mitigate 100% of OWASP Automated Threats without impacting legitimate users.

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