Feathr and mdg Expand Partnership to Deliver Data-Driven Audience Acquisition

Feathr and mdg Also Announced That They Will Continue to Collaborate on Thought Leadership and Host a Series of Jointly Produced Events Held in Key Cities Around the USA

Feathr, creator of award-winning digital marketing and analytics software, and mdg, the country’s leading agency specializing in event and association marketing, have announced at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! that they are renewing and expanding their partnership to help associations and event organizers use their data to grow, retain, and monetize their attendee and membership audiences.

Under the newly expanded partnership, mdg clients will get access to Feathr’s full product suite at an exclusive discounted rate, as well as unparalleled service quality from mdg’s team of digital experts and Feathr’s highly-rated Customer Success team. Clients will have 24/7 access to their data and campaign reports via secure login to their cloud-hosted Feathr account, as well as all features of the platform including programmatic advertising, exhibitor and speaker invitation tools, and behavioral tracking via the proprietary SuperPixel.

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As part of the expansion, mdg will become the first agency certified as an official Feathr Implementation Partner and will have the ability to assist clients with not only attendee acquisition and exhibitor promotion campaigns, but also the more technical elements of integration, analysis, and segmentation of audience data.

Feathr and mdg Expand Partnership to Deliver Data-Driven Audience Acquisition
Kimberly Hardcastle

On the addition of data science to its line-up of services, mdg owner and president Kimberly Hardcastle said, “The industry trend is unmistakable: events and associations are sitting on a goldmine of data yet lack the bandwidth or technical expertise to leverage that asset to amplify audience acquisition and monetization initiatives. With our expanded Feathr collaboration, we aim to help our clients unlock this potential, which will ultimately drive increased value to members, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and of course the organization itself.”

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Feathr and mdg Expand Partnership to Deliver Data-Driven Audience Acquisition
Aidan Augustin

Feathr co-founder Aidan Augustin said, “We’ve loved working with mdg. This partnership is a win not only for mdg clients but also for existing Feathr customers that could benefit the expertise that mdg provides. We are excited to jointly help associations and event organizers take their attendee acquisition and membership engagement efforts to the next level.”

The two companies also announced that they will continue to collaborate on thought leadership and host a series of jointly produced events held in key cities around the USA to share best practices in digital marketing, starting with Chicago in early 2018.

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