LucidVueCX Creates Comprehensive Analytics Solution to Hear Customer’s Voice

LucidVueCX Creates Comprehensive Analytics Solution to Hear Customer's Voice

LucidVueCX, the marketing feedback platform offered by Ignite-TEK, has now extended its scope for marketers with the addition of social media, e-mails, online reviews, and SMS text messages. The LucidVueCX technology uses state-of-the-art speech recognition to capture a brand’s inbound telephone conversations and convert them into actionable marketing feedback, giving marketers complete access to all of their customer conversations regardless of where they engage with a brand. This output provides a comprehensive dashboard for CMOs to receive immediate feedback regarding both brand perception and performance.

The LucidVueCX platform is currently offered to business consumers as a SaaS-based solution with no on-site integration or expensive IT labor costs.

“When we first launched LucidVueCX, we uncovered a goldmine of data inside conversations for marketers to make better brand decisions. This technology allows for the capture of previously unidentified customer feedback including brand sentiment to understand what’s driving customer loyalty, dissent and more,” said Mike Ferzacca, CEO Ignite-TEK. “By aggregating social media, e-mails, and online reviews with live conversations in one place, LucidVueCX provides marketers with a complete 360-degree actionable view of their customer’s voice.”

LucidVueCX Finds the Needle in Haystack of Conversations

LucidVueCX utilizes Ignite-TEK’s state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition technology. The technology was previously used by government clients to sift through hundreds of thousands of hours of audio and video to quickly pinpoint critical conversations that could not be accomplished with manual labor. Now, the same applications can be uncovered by marketers.

Consumer insights gathered from campaigns guide platform actions, resulting in a more natural experience and more informed marketing decisions.

Ferzacca adds, “By pinpointing individual keywords or searching for conversation points, marketers can quickly see where pivot points occur in their brand that may affect long-term sentiment, immediately identify possible problems that may have arisen without other notice, or even find the needle in a haystack idea from a customer conversation, post or email. The data is limitless, and best of all, unlike surveys or outbound inquiries, it gathers much more feedback from many more consumers, all with a better experience.”

Marketers Staring at Survey Fatigue can Benefit from LucidVueCX

LucidVueCX excels as a new and disruptive way for marketers to truly capture the customer voice as most face challenges to gather feedback. Survey fatigue is a modern reality with an average of less than 5% response rate, and focus groups are often found too expensive and limiting. LucidVueCX has been able to generate answers to many of the questions customers are asking by assimilating and aggregating conversation data across channels already occurring under the company’s roof.

“I think most marketers have an opportunity to gain even more insight into the value and wealth of really useful feedback inside the live conversations already occurring,” says Ferzacca.

By introducing LucidVueCX,  Ignite-TEK exemplifies its commitment to improving the consumer experience by putting consumers in control of how they interact with consumers on behalf of brands. Ignite-TEK’s dynamic analytics platform is complementary to existing sales and CRM technologies.

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