B2B Marketing Lab is Hubspot’s First Diamond Partner in the UK


The company becomes the first ever HubSpot Diamond Partner in the UK for its premium lead generation and marketing automation programmes.

The B2B Marketing Lab has been named as the first HubSpot Diamond Partner in the UK for its successful delivery of marketing solutions. A digital marketing consultancy, B2BML specializes in sales lead generation, client engagement and customer acquisition through its advanced Inbound Marketing programmes. The longest established Hubspot partner, B2BML is also the most recognized HubSpot partner in the UK. It sold over 50 HubSpot licenses and over 100 accreditation.

The company secured a HubSpot Platinum Partnership in 2016 and has been expanding ever since. From opening a branch office in Singapore to tap the Asia-Pacific market, B2BML has now reached the UK as HubSpot’s first ever Diamond Partner.

HubSpot says that the Partner Tier Program has been designed to identify ‘Agency Partners who have not only brought the Inbound message to the most clients, but also those who have executed Inbound Marketing services to the highest standards.’

According to Verity Dearsley, Managing Director of The B2B Marketing Lab, “Being the first UK partner to reach HubSpot Diamond status is a proud moment in the history of our consultancy. The dedication, drive and quality of service provided by our team has been outstanding. In just five years we’ve risen through the ranks of the HubSpot Partner Tier Programme from Gold, to Platinum and now to Diamond. Who knows what the next four years can bring and we feel sure that a new Tier will open up to keep us focused onwards and upwards!”

Dearsley added, “Our team of HubSpot accredited consultants use their experience, coupled with their detailed knowledge of the software, and apply it to B2B lead generation marketing processes to deliver campaigns that really work and generate revenue. We tailor our campaigns to match our client’s budgets and business objectives, making sure that we attract, convert, close and delight our customers’ prospects.”

B2BML drives successful lead nurturing, inbound marketing and marketing automation programmes for UK and US B2B enterprises in Europe and Asia-Pacific. While doing so, it incorporates improvement and productivity for HubSpot marketing and sales aspects.

“As the first Diamond Partner in the UK, The B2B Marketing Lab has proven its dedication to transforming its business into a full-service digital agency. We always enjoy working with such a team of hard-working and inbound-minded individuals, and look forward to seeing what The B2B Marketing Lab can achieve in this next level of partnership,” says Brian Halligan, Co-founder and CEO of HubSpot.

The partnership makes it evident that B2BML has been rewarded for its consistent performance in accelerating sales, revenue, software engagement, customer retention and in bringing overall market success.


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